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Genshin Impact Sumeru map leaks are even bigger than we thought

This Genshin Impact Sumeru leak is specifically for the players who are curious about the potential size of the Sumeru map, which seems quite large indeed

Genshin Impact Sumeru map leak: Tighnari sits on a branch in the Sumeru rainforest

At this point, we might as well already be in Sumeru ourselves thanks to all of the Genshin Impact Sumeru leaks from the closed beta. Some players have been able to enter into the new region ahead of time, and it’s resulted in a nonstop barrage of leaked content. This latest one comes from known leaker UBatcha, as they’ve revealed another sizeable chunk of the Sumeru map in a few messages on their Discord server.

We’ve covered a Sumeru map leak in the past, but, at the time, that one seemed to have quite a bit missing or hidden. That looks to be the case, as this one shows quite a bit of the western side of the region, including much more of the desert — an area that looks like it’ll expand even further to the west than what we can see here.

UBatcha’s leak also shows the English names for landmarks, with many more filled in, whereas the initial one was completely untranslated. You can have a look at it in the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor Discord, but the TL;DR is it’s big.

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The new map leaks includes zone names, Teleport Waypoints, Domains, Statues of the Seven, and more here. Several names and waypoints on this image are new updates from the previous leak — markers that we haven’t seen before on other versions of the Sumeru map. New additions include the Lost Nursery on the edge of the desert, Old Vanarana, and Fane of Vashvattha, along with waypoints located to the north and south of Old Vanarana.

We’re still rather curious about some of the other features shown, including a label that looks like it reads “Forge of Dreams” in the far north and some of the more intriguing markers on the western edge of the Chasm, areas currently out of reach. Whether these are permanent features or indicative of events, though, we’ll just have to wait until August 23 to find out.


If you’re curious enough about what’s to come in version 3.0 and beyond, outside of the map expansion, you can check out our coverage of several other leaks like the alternate sprint fix, upcoming character banners, Scaramouche details, and much more.