God Eater 3 is definitely, absolutely, 100% coming to PC


We had this pretty much figured out already, but now it’s official: God Eater 3 will definitely be coming to PC. 

Here are the games coming to PC in 2018 that have us excited.

A new trailer (above) shows off the upcoming entry’s new graphics, now freed from the confines of the PlayStation Vita. Now there’s also a Steam logo on the final card, too – confirming that the “what if Monster Hunter but anime” sequel will be launching on PC alongside the PlayStation 4.

The basic rundown in God Eater is that the world has been ravaged and most of humanity wiped out by demonic monsters called Aragami, and it’s up to you – the titular God Eaters – to take them out. You do this by learning to use a collection of God Arc weapons, which switch between melee and ranged forms and can emit a ravenous spirit to literally chew on downed Aragami.

While we now have a shiny new trailer and PC launch confirmation, Bandai Namco still haven’t announced a release date. We’ll let you know when they do.