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Gotham Knights is reportedly the next Batman game, to be revealed in August

After too many teases, it seems we're finally going to see the follow-up to the Arkham series... in another two months

June 23, 2020 When contacted by PCGamesN, Warner Bros. declined to comment on the reports.

After a year’s worth of teases, we’ve finally gotten a concrete detail on the next Batman game – albeit still an unofficial one. Alongside news of a Rocksteady-developed Suicide Squad game, newly-registered URLs and additional reporting have outed the title of the WB Montreal’s Batman game as Gotham Knights, and both titles are set to be unveiled in full this August.

‘GothamKnightsGame.com’ was registered by Warner Bros. on June 19, as discovered by sleuths on ResetEra. Eurogamer followed up with a separate report suggesting that Gotham Knights is the game WB Montreal has been teasing since 2019. The report additionally suggests that we’ll see “a little” of Gotham Knights at the DC FanDome event this August, and that this title is set to launch before Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad.

The Gotham Knights title suggests that this game will feature a broader range of heroes than the Arkham games did. Gotham Knights was the name of a comic series focused on the extended Batman family – characters like Batwoman, Oracle, Nightwing, and Robin – and has been used in-universe to refer to similar groups. The games have historically not picked up on any specific comic continuity, so we’ll likely have to wait for the official announcement to see what the cast looks like.

DC FanDome is a 24-hour digital event scheduled to take place on August 22, and per the official rundown, it will feature “special programming, panels, and content reveals from a wide variety of films, TV series, and games”.

The Batman: Arkham series features some of the finest action-adventure games out there, and the wait to see what’s next from both the series and its original developer has been interminable. Here’s hoping the eventual reveal pays off on those expectations.