Gotham Knights crashing on PC fixed in new Batman sandbox game patch

Gotham Knights crashing on PC is offered fixes in a new patch for the Batman, Red Hood, and Nightwing sandbox game from Warner Bros, alongside stability changes

Gotham Knights crashing on PC fixed in new Batman sandbox game patch: A Gotham City superhero in blue costume and mask holds a baton over their shoulder

Gotham Knights crashing on PC should be fixed in the Batman, Red Hood, and Nightwing sandbox game, as Warner Bros. issues a new patch with performance and stability changes, hoping to transform the world of Robin and Batgirl into something slicker.

The entire Gotham Knights cast has been afflicted with a couple of bugs and issues up until now, but the latest PC patch aims to address some of the most frustrating. To begin with, when you hop down from a ledge or a beam, Robin, Red Hood, Nightwing, and Batgirl will no longer do that annoying thing where they jump forward as soon as they land, scuppering your perfect, stealthy approach. The UI and a few of the inputs have been retooled and fixed, and the notorious floating cars bug that you may have encountered in co-op mode has been squashed.

There is now better optimisation for the low and medium-setting presets, which ought to help Gotham Knights run better on a broader range of PCs, and you can now add and customise filters and other visual settings via Nvidia Freestyle. Most significantly, however, several issues with Gotham Knights crashing have been resolved.

Up until now, trying to join a friend on Steam could cause Gotham Knights to crash – that’s no longer the case. Dismantling whatever gear you had equipped could also force the game to crash, but again, this has apparently been resolved. Co-op connection stability has been improved, and Warner Bros. notes a series of “additional crash fixes”, hopefully signalling the Batman open-world game will generally play better than ever.

If that’s reason enough for you to check out Gotham Knights for the first time, or jump back in for a replay, make sure you’ve got some of the best Gotham Knights mods. You might also want to know how to find all the Gotham Knights street art, and all the Gotham Knights landmarks, to hunt down those collectibles and nail the achievements.