Where to find Gotham Knights street art locations

Robin needs your assistance in finding all of the Gotham Knights street art sprayed on walls throughout the city, so here are all their locations

Gotham Knights street art: one of the many street art graffiti on top of a brick wall. The scene depicts a shopping district with many shop signs and several people in the street. The couple on the left are dancing and the couple on the right are holding each others arms as the man drags a wheelie suitcase.

Gotham Knights street art is everywhere in Gotham City, but to find this graffiti, you need a keen eye. Robin requests that you seek out these works and scan them as part of his arts class project. The good news is that all of the Gotham Knights street art that Robin is looking for are massive murals that completely cover the wall that the artist sprayed on. Since there are only 12 murals to find, this is significantly easier than trying to find all of the Gotham City Batarangs or read the plaques for every Gotham City landmark.

To save you some time, we’ve put together a list of all of the Gotham Knights street art locations you can find in the open world game. Should you ever lose track of which graffiti murals you’ve found, head to the AR map and check the summary in the bottom right corner for each district. If there is a tick on the spray can icon, you’ve found all the graffiti worth scanning.

Gotham Knights street art locations: orange pins showing the street art locations in North Gotham.

All Gotham Knights street art locations

Compared to the Batarangs and landmark plaques, finding these murals is far easier because there’s generally one or two in most of the main districts in Gotham City. The exception to this is Southend, where there are no street art murals. Here are all of the Gotham Knights street art locations, also annotated on the maps above and below:

Gotham Knights street art locations: orange pins showing the street art locations in South Gotham.

  • Old Gotham – on the intersection of Crown Avenue and Rosserie Street, near Gotham City Cathedral.
  • Tricorner Island – halfway down Hawkins Avenue on the eastern side of the island.
  • Financial District – a massive mural located right outside of the Belfry. Use the Financial District Fast Travel and jump down onto the train bridge. Head towards the tunnel and look left to find the mural.
  • The Cauldron (1) – near the docks. Head south from the Iceberg lounge and follow the docks until you reach a building with a large painting on the side.
  • The Cauldron (2) – northwest of Stagg Tower, towards the centre of The Cauldron, there’s a mural of faces on a south-facing wall. It has a little less colour than the other ones
  • West End (1) – just as you come off the Madison Street Bridge onto North Madison Street, you’ll see a mural on the building to your right near the Chelsea Tunnel
  • West End (2) – on the corner of Grant Lane and Croydon Avenue, it’s a longer and thinner mural than the others.
  • Bristol – in the centre of the square surrounded by Beacon Street, Exhibition Avenue, and Mercey Avenue. It’s next to the basketball court.
  • Gotham Heights – in Bridge Lane, which is just off the Gotham Heights side of the Aparo Bridge that connects to the West End.
  • Robinson Park – on the western border between Robinson Park and Gotham Heights. It’s under the bridge where Chambers Street runs and is to the west of the spherical sculpture.
  • Bowery – on the corner of Jansen Street, just at the entrance of Robbins Bridge that connects to Bristol.
  • Otisburg – on the corner of Park Row and Gardner Street, underneath the railway bridge.

Once you’ve scanned the last of the Gotham Knights street art murals, you’ll get some valuable crafting materials to make better gear, some experience, and one action point that you can spend on the best Gotham Knights abilities. Finding collectibles is essential to reaching 100% completion of the latest DC superhero game, but with its rather confusing mission structure, we have a guide available if you’re wondering how long is Gotham Knights’ main campaign and which of the many side missions are repeatable.