Gotham Knights PC features dazzle in new trailer

An impressive array of Gotham Knights PC features are showcased in a new trailer, with ray-tracing, multi-monitor support, AI-driven upscaling, and more

Gotham Knights PC features: An extreme close-up shot of Batgirl's eyes and nose

A new trailer shows off the set of Gotham Knights PC features we'll be seeing in the upcoming open-world game, and it's an impressive suite indeed. When the Gotham Knights release date arrives, PC players will get to play it in 4K on ultra-wide screens, with options for multi-monitor setups and AI-assisted upscaling as well.

The trailer starts with a shot of Batman’s destroyed cowl, and takes us through shots of each of the main Gotham Knights characters in action in order to show off the various enhanced features we’ll see on PC.

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In addition to the 4K resolution and uncapped framerates you’d expect in a modern PC port, Gotham Knights also supports ray-traced reflections, Intel XeSS-powered AI upscaling, and multi-monitor setups.

There are also options for dynamic resolution in order to target specific framerates, and options to set specific minimum and maximum FPS levels.

We’ll be ready to take on the Court of Owls when Gotham Knights arrives next month.