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Gotham Knights devs tease son of Batman Damian Wayne

A new Gotham Knights interview at SDCC 2022 reveals a little more than intended, such as the possible appearance of Batman's son and Robin Damian Wayne

It sounds like another Gotham Knights Robin will be in the game - Damian Wayne

New Gotham Knights interviews at SDCC 2022 with developers on the superhero game reveal possible major new characters from the Batman universe – and while fans shouldn’t expect Batman himself, there could be a Gotham Knights Damian Wayne appearance for the temperamental son of Batman.

SDCC 2022 brings with it a new Gotham Knights Batgirl trailer and a number of interviews shedding light on different areas of the game, including characters that may or may not appear. A fan Q&A with creative director Patrick Redding confirms that The Joker won’t be in Gotham Knights and probably not Riddler either, but he could “not confirm or deny” Harley Quinn.

In another interview with ComicBook, Redding again confirms that Batman is indeed dead in Gotham Knights – but seems to suggest that his son Damian Wayne might not be. Damian is the fourth Robin, and the former three are all playable in the game, but will Damian himself show up – especially given how his father isn’t around anymore?

When asked about Damian’s presence in Gotham Knights, Patrick Redding conspicuously says, “it’s hard for me to answer that question without a major spoiler. There are reasons that will become very clear why Damian’s not in the picture.”

Given other questions were hit with a “no comment,” having Damian be the subject of a “major spoiler” suggests at least some involvement in the storyline – or maybe as a DLC character. Given Damian’s ties to the League of Shadows/Assassins – their leader Ra’s Al Ghul is his grandfather, who has been strongly rumoured for Gotham Knights for a long time – he may even be an antagonist.

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We’ll have to wait and see, but luckily not that long, as the Gotham Knights release date is down for Halloween. Ironically, in trying not to talk about either Harley Quinn or Damian Wayne, the director may have just teased them both.

Elsewhere in Gotham Knights news, the game’s skins will be customisable and the world itself is bigger than even Batman: Arkham Knight.