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All the GTA 6 cheats we want to see, from invincibility to city riots

GTA 6 cheats aren’t yet confirmed, but we’ve got plenty of speculation and strong suspicions of the cheats to expect in the sequel.

GTA 6 cheats: One of the characters revealed in the early key art released for GTA 6.

What are the GTA 6 cheats? The GTA series may well be an uncompromising satire on modern American culture and politics, but it’s also a giant sandbox full of the most ridiculous possibilities. However, working within the boundaries of the game’s mechanics only gets you so far – if you’re looking to embrace full-on mayhem, look no further than GTA 6 cheats.

There aren’t any confirmed GTA 6 cheats just yet, but the sheer volume of cheats that have spanned the entirety of the GTA series allows us to make an educated guess as to what’s included ahead of the GTA 6 release date. Along with the usual suspects, we’ve also included a few entries from our own GTA 6 cheats wishlist from earlier installments of the satirical sandbox game. Here we go.

GTA 6 cheats

Here are all the GTA 6 cheats on our wishlist:

  • Invincibility cheats
  • Weapons cheats
  • Vehicles cheats
  • Slow motion cheats
  • Moon gravity cheats
  • Pedestrians cheats
  • Wanted level cheats

GTA 6 cheats: A character from GTA reveals a bulletproof vest keeping him from harm.

Invincibility cheats

What else? God mode is a mainstay cheat throughout the entirety of the GTA series, and is all but required if you’re looking to turn GTA 6 into a cheat playground. Whether you’re looking to avoid a grisly death after throwing yourself off the tallest building or would rather dodge the hospital bill fee after getting wasted, invincibility is the GTA 6 cheat for you.

GTA 6 cheats: Characters from GTA wield heavy firearms while conversing.

Weapons cheats

As the series’ own satire attests, weapons in GTA are an institution, and there’s guaranteed to be GTA 6 weapons cheats to put your favorite guns straight into your hands. Whether that’s a sniper rifle, RPG, or even just a trusty shotgun, you don’t have to go hunting around the open-world game to get it – simply fire up your GTA 6 cheats, and fire away.

GTA 6 cheats: A car drives along a city highway at speed, illuminated by a police helicopter overhead.

Vehicles cheats

Whether you’re taking in the sights by standing on the top of a building or on a beach full of tourists, the thought eventually arrives: this would be better with a helicopter. With GTA 6 vehicle cheats, that thought can become a reality with no effort at all, and that goes for any vehicle. Earlier entries in the series allowed you to spawn in golf caddies, BMX bikes, and even garbage trucks – so however you prefer to get around, odds are that GTA 6 will have you covered.

GTA 6 cheats: A jewel thief wearing a stocking to obscure his face checks his watch.

Slow motion cheats

Is the fast pace of modern city living getting you down? Then you’re in luck, because it’s highly likely that slow motion cheats are set to make a return in GTA 6. As in previous games, we expect that entering slow motion cheats in GTA 6 multiple times will cause them to stack, allowing you to slow cars and bullets down to a snail’s pace. Will it help you avoid the cops any better than GTA 6’s normal speed? Not really, but it will give you first-hand experience of what bullet time in The Matrix probably feels like.

GTA 6 cheats: A pilot stands heroically a la Maverick from Top Gun as planes fly overhead.

Moon gravity cheats

Another mainstay cheat of the series, moon gravity is the perfect GTA 6 cheat if you want to turn your car into a temporary flying machine without even trying. While moon gravity is enabled, it’s only a matter of accelerating over a hill to send you blasting off across the map – but be warned, you’re in for a bumpy landing that’s likely to send you back into orbit. Combine with slow motion and invincibility cheats for a perfect cocktail of decelerated comedy.

GTA 6 cheats: A glamorous woman wearing large sunglasses and a leather jacket wields a weapon.

Pedestrians cheats

Aside from the odd tantrum to alert the cops, pedestrians in GTA are largely subject to whatever you want to throw at them, whether that’s tear gas, vehicles, or even fireworks. However, pedestrian cheats put the power straight into the hands of the people – literally. With just a few keystrokes, you can outfit them with weapons and allow them to take out all that pent-up anger on anyone else in their vicinity in a city-wide riot. Sure, this might be a total throwback to GTA 3, but it’s our wishlist and there’s nothing you can do about it.

GTA 6 cheats: A man carrying a metal briefcase and wieldiing a pistol looks over his shoulder as he flees the scene of his crime.

Wanted level cheats

We’ll be the first to admit that a lot of our favorite prospective GTA 6 cheats are very silly, but there’s no denying that cheats have their practical uses as well. While you’re off causing trouble, it’s only a matter of time until you earn your first, second, and fifth wanted star, and the blue lights and helicopters can really kill your buzz. Wanted level cheats can help expunge your criminal record instantly, allowing you to continue whatever you’re doing without fear of the long arm of the law.

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