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GTA 6 voice actors and cast rumors

As of its first trailer, fans are now trying to work out who the GTA 6 voice actors are, so here are our thoughts on who the cast could be.

GTA 6 voice actors cast: Lucia is walking through a store aisle with Jason. Both are wearing balaclavas. A sign shows a promotion of an item now priced at $14.99.

Who are the GTA 6 voice actors? The GTA series has seen many iconic voices over the years. Who could forget that time that Goodfellas star Ray Liotta was cast as the protagonist Tommy Vercetti in GTA Vice City or when Samuel L. Jackson’s booming voice brought down the law as Officer Tenpenny in GTA San Andreas? More recent GTA games have up-and-comers voicing the main cast, paving the way for successful careers. So, with its debut trailer now available to watch, it’s time to work out who the voice cast is for GTA 6.

While none of the voice actors have been confirmed by Rockstar or the talent themselves, the first GTA 6 trailer for the new open-world game has several voices throughout and fans have been making their own educated guesses. While we wait for a long time between now and the GTA 6 release date, if you want to know who is in contention to be a major part of GTA 6, then here’s everything we know so far about the cast.

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GTA 6 voice actors rumors

We only hear four voices in the GTA 6 trailer, with two of them being our dual protagonists, and two side characters. So far, we have a vague idea of the two main characters, but the identity and importance of the other two voiced characters are unknown at this time.

The main protagonist’s voice, Lucia, is a big mystery despite speaking the most in the trailer. On the GTA 6 sub-Reddit, one fan says that they reckon it’s Natalie Morales, whose most famous roles are as Lucy in Parks and Recreation and Michelle Gutierrez in Dead to Me. She also voices several characters in the 2021 reboot of Rugrats. While watching IMDb’s All About Natalie Morales video, her performance is remarkably similar to the GTA 6 trailer.

Previously, it was thought that Alexandra C. Echavarri would be Lucia, but on an Instagram post, the actress reveals that she voices Lupe in GTA Online’s The Criminal Enterprises expansion. That doesn’t mean she’s an impossible candidate, of course, but it’s much more unlikely now.

GTA 6 voice actors: Lucia and Jason are wearing balaclavas over their faces and pointing pistols in through the door of a store.

The other character whose voice we have a lead on is Jason, Lucia’s fugitive partner. While we only hear him say “trust” in the debut trailer, it sounds like Troy Baker’s portrayal of Joel from The Last of Us. Baker is no stranger to videogame voice acting and is frequently a major character in any game he’s part of.

Other actors previously tied with GTA 6 include Bryan Zampella, who has capitalized on the attention by being filmed hanging out with Shawn Fonteno (Franklin from GTA 5) and posting several Instagram posts teasing fans over several months. That said, it’s not entirely clear if and how Zampella is involved with the project, as while he was rumored to be Jason, the focus seems to be shifting away from him.

At this point, that’s all we know about the GTA 6 voice actors, but we will update this as more trailers are shown off and the talent is allowed to reveal themselves as part of the project. In the meantime, you may wonder if GTA 6 will be on PC, which songs will make up the GTA 6 soundtrack, and what GTA 6 map locations we will see in the state of Leonida.