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GTA Casino Heist cars: Outlaw and new car releases

What’s a good heist without a stunning getaway vehicle? Here are the cars we’ve found so far

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New GTA Casino cars are one of the first things that pop into our minds when we think of the GTA Casino Heist. Reason being, few things feel more satisfying than pulling off a highly coordinated heist with your friends and barrelling down the highway in your getaway vehicle.

If you’re new to all of this, though, Grand Theft Auto Online’s heists are a multiplayer activity that results in a big score. If we’re honest, though, it’s the missions themselves that are more fun. You team up with friends and play a few build-up missions to get ready for the heist. These can involve anything from gathering intel, fetching the GTA Heist cars, or even loading up on guns. Once you’re all ready, you attempt to pull it all off. You’ll all have different roles, so it’s quite coordinated and you’ll have to hope that your buds are up to scratch. Sure, it may test the strength of your friendship, but when it all comes together it’s more rewarding than the loot at the end.

Part of any good GTA update, though, is the vehicles themselves. Here are all the new GTA Casino Heist cars you can add to your bustling garage, including the brand new casino car, the Outlaw.

New GTA Casino Heist cars

The new GTA Casino Heist cars are:

  • BoxVille – bought from Warstock Cache and Carry for $398,000
  • Bugstars Burrito – can be picked up from the same place for $598,500
  • Blazer Lifeguard – can also be bought from Warstock Cache and Carry, but costs $62,000
  • Fire Truck – you can pick this up at Warstock Cache and Carry for $3,295,000
  • Grotti Furia – $2,740,000 at Legendary Motorsport – check out our GTA 5 Grotti Furia guide to find out how to get it for less
  • Karin Everon – head to Southern San Andreas Superautos and hand over $1,475,000
  • Lampadati Komoda – bought from Legendary Motorsport for $1,700,000
  • Lifeguard – head to Warstock Cache and Carry where you can pick it up for $865,000
  • Maxwell ABSO – available from Southern San Andreas Superautos for $408,000
  • Maxwell Vagrant – cash in $2,214,000 at Southern San Andreas Superautos
  • Gruppe Sechs Stockade – $2,240,000 at Warstock Cache and Carry
  • Ubermacht Rebla GTS – if you’re willing to part with $1,175,000, head to Legendary Motorsport
  • Vapid Retinue – part with $1,620,000 at Southern San Andreas Superautos
  • Overflod Imorgon – bought from Legendary Motorsport for $2,165,000
  • Karin Sultan Classic – available at Southern San Andreas Super Autos for $1,718,000
  • Outlaw – available at
  • Dewbauchee – $1,470,000 at Warstock Cache and Carry
  • Invade and Persuade RC tank – $2,275,000 at Warstock Cache and Carry
  • Rune Zhaba – $2,400,000 at Warstock Cache and Carry
  • Stockade – $2,400,000 at Warstock Cache and Carry

That’s all the GTA Casino Heist cars that Rockstar has released so far.  Put your new Outlaw to work in the Caisno Heist and find out more about the GTA Casino Heist weapons and Twitch Prime benefits. We’ve also been going through the mission itself, and have sussed out what the GTA Casino Heist payout is alongside what the Scope Out mission entails.