GTA Online exploit prompts Rockstar Games response as servers still up

The onging GTA Online hacks and exploits have been acknowledged by Rockstar Games, who says an update is coming to combat the issue in the multiplayer game.

GTA Online exploit prompts Rockstar Games response as servers still up

Series developer Rockstar has acknowledged the recent increase in player-threatening hacks in GTA Online, which can seemingly let hackers remotely add, remove, or modify your own stats in the multiplayer game. The prevailing advice from GTA Online content creators is to avoid playing the game on PC altogether, as Rockstar promises it is doing something about the issue.

These GTA Online hacks have been called “extreme exploits” by the community, and while Rockstar hasn’t shut down any of the GTA Online PC servers, it has issued a statement about what its plans are concerning the exploits.

“We are aware of potential new exploits in GTA Online for PC, which we aim to resolve in an upcoming planned security-related Title Update,” Rockstar says. “If you think you might have experienced any related issues, please reach out to Rockstar Support.”

There’s currently no word on when the security update will come to GTA Online or what it will actually entail, so again, the prevailing advice for players on PC appears to be to stop playing for now, to keep your account as safe as possible.

It’s believed that the exploit revolves around a “partial remote code execution,” which is similar to what happened before the Dark Souls Remastered PC servers were brought back online by FromSoftware. If all of the reports going around the GTA Online community about these hacks are accurate, it basically means players are using RCE to remotely hack into another player’s game and PC via the online connection, which can go further than GTA Online itself.

Creator of a GTA Online anti-cheat tool ‘Speyeder’ has now disabled all builds of the software, as a way to stop anyone from using it and attempting to play online. “This exploit is so serious that one wrong setting or action could result in the loss of your account or even your PC files,” they say.

It appears that one high-profile member of the GTA Online community has been hit so far, as ‘Mors Mutual’ says they now just got a flickering loading screen when trying to play the gae online. “Thought I was safe – looks like I wasn’t and a modder just destroyed my GTA Online data. There goes my online account,” they explain.

You can find Rockstar Support here if you believe you may have been hacked while playing.

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