Rockstar is giving away GTA Online money, but you’ll have to be quick

Rockstar has some big gifts for you in the GTA Online weekly update for Lunar New Year 2024, but there isn’t long to claim your reward.

GTA Online money free - A person wearing a black shirt adn a purple-and-blue dragon mask in the Rockstar Games online mode for GTAV.

In GTA Online, as in life, cash is king. You can’t do much in Rockstar’s vast online multiplayer crime game without a stack of Benjamins, so any opportunity to get your hands on free GTA Online money is worth jumping on immediately. To celebrate the 2024 Lunar New Year, you can grab a selection of rewards this week, including two new masks and a stack of cash.

The GTA Online weekly update is here for the week of Thursday February 8, and it brings all manner of Lunar New Year presents to the multiplayer game. As it’s the Year of the Dragon, there’s also plenty of discounts and giveaways on all manner of dragon-related items found in GTA 5. With still quite some time to go before the GTA 6 release date (especially for those of us on PC), there’s plenty of reason to stick around in Rockstar’s best-selling game.

First and foremost, the cash. Log in between Thursday February 8 and Wednesday February 14 and you’ll be sent a special Red Envelope gift of $188,888 in GTA money – eight, of course, being a particularly lucky number in Chinese culture, associated with wealth and prosperity. The money should be delivered to your Maze Bank account within 72 hours. It’s not a fortune by GTAO standards, but it’s a pretty significant chunk of change, and if you’re not already a high-roller then you’ll no doubt welcome the extra spending money.

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You’ll also get both the new regal dragon mask and midnight dragon mask for playing this week, and you can claim last week’s collectibles as well, which include a wooden dragon mask, red Lunar New Year dress, and black Lunar New Year tee. Head to your local tattoo shop and you can also get inked with several different dragon tattoos free of charge.

Elsewhere, the weekly update includes double cash and reputation rewards on The Dragon and all other Rockstar-created transform races. The GTA Online podium car, meanwhile, is a special Truffade Adder in fitting red and gold livery for the season, so be sure to give the Diamond Casino’s lucky wheel a spin for your chance to win one without having to drop a cool million in–game dollars on it.

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