GTA Online’s weekly update includes double rewards for the Air Freight missions

You can also get three times the rewards from the Overtime Rumble and King of the Kill activities

It’s that time of the week again, folks, which means the bonuses and deals in GTA Online’s weekly update have been dug up. The information comes from reliable Rockstar tipster Tez2, who rounds these up every week.

This time around you are getting double experience and cash from the Air Freight missions. If you don’t know what missions those are, they’re a series of Smuggler’s Run missions that were introduced in the GTA Online update of the same name. The task hasn’t proved to be the best source of racking up experience and cash, so hopefully the double reward will make it worthwhile. There are also triple rewards for the Overtime Rumble and King of the Kill PVP modes, so you may want to think about doing those if you’re looking to rack up some funds and experience.

There are heaps of discounts on GTA Online cars, too. To name a few, the Torero, Swinger, and Savestra are half off, and the Deluxo and Zhaba are 25% off. The GTA 5 podium car has also been swapped about this week and is now the Itali GTB.

You can see the full list of changes down below:

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