GTA Playing Cards locations: where to find hidden GTA casino cards and get the High Roller outfit

If you want to stand out among the gambling hordes, here’s where to find all 54 secret collectables

Where are all hidden Playing Cards in GTA Online? The GTA Diamond Casino and Resort is a place where you can lose everything, or win big as you live it up in your ivory tower with unlimited champagne, if you play your cards right. However, what if you have no cards to play with at all?

The 54 GTA Playing Cards that appeared as part of the GTA casino update can be challenging little blighters to track down. They’re only small and so can be easily missed as you shoot gangsters, steal cars, and deliver street justice. But, that’s where we come in with this GTA casino cards guide.

So, in this case, the GTA casino location is only the beginning of your latest San Andreas adventures. Claiming all hidden GTA 5 Playing Cards will take you far and wide, but each one is worth it as they reward RP, and coins with which you can use in the Diamond. But, when you pick all 54 up, you can unlock the exclusive GTA High Roller outfit. So, what are we waiting for? Here are all GTA Online Playing Card locations.

All GTA Playing Cards locations

Seeing the 50+ collectables marked on GTA Online’s huge map makes this enterprise fairly daunting – especially next to the smaller scope GTA casino missions – but it’s well worth it if you want to impress when you sidle up to those high-limit tables. Of course, to do that, you’ll need to have invested the sizeable GTA casino price to acquire VIP membership, first.

Basic map of all 54 playing card locations from gtaonline

With that aside, you can see the map with all the GTA V Playing Card locations above thanks to an especially diligent redditor. But, given the size of the map, you’ll probably be looking for something more specific, so here are some more detailed notes thanks to GTA Forums user, Pvt.McKain. So, without further ado, here are the GTA casino cards descriptions below.

Area Location Notes
 Alamo Sea On pier above Alamo Sea  On ping pong table
Burton Rockford Plaza Ponsonbys  On changing room coffee table
Chumash  Front of Nelson’s General Store On small table 
Cypress Flats Ammu-Nation w/ Range On table outside gun range 
Davis Davis Fire Department  On shelf beside radio
Del Perro Beach End of the pier  On gift kiosk next to hot dog stand
Downtown Vinewood  Pacific Bank On blue table furthest from entrance
El Burro Heights Tattoo Parlour On a table 
Grand Senora Desert Rebel Radio station  On the ‘L’ vertical sign
Grand Senora Desert By the roadside Near the picture 
Grand Senora Desert Near house by industrial plant On red tool cart
Grapeseed Convenience store  In back office
Grapeseed McKenzie Field In a desk on the right 
Great Chaparral House south of Route 68 church  On house porch by dirt road
Hawick Auto Exotic garage  On red tool chest
Little Seoul Tram station near Heli Tours  On bench in small station 
LS Intl. Airport LSIA first floor Left bench near stairwell 
Mirror Park Convenience store In back office 
Mount Gordo On Mt. Gordo dirt track  Between three tents
Murrieta Heights Liquor store On shelf with tray of eCola
Paleto Bay Bottom cable car station In open window 
Paleto Bay Tattoo Parlour  Opposite on top of ATM
Paleto Bay Los Santos Customs  On a left desk 
Pillbox Hill Ammu-Nation w/ Range  On right table outside gun range
Pillbox Hill Between FBI and IAA  On bench near eagle statue 
RA Wind Farm Hippie Hangout On porch of beach camper 
Raton Canyon Lookout post On mountain above train tunnel
Richards Majestic Movie Studio On cinder block outside Chihuahua Dogs stand 
Richman Backyard of mansion On statue head in large game of chess 
Richman Glen Convenience store  On safe 
Rockford Hills Building opposite Life Invader On shelf on the right 
Rockford Hills Steele Way mansion On garage couch
San Chianski Mt. Range  Cape Catfish houses  On window of blue house
Sandy Shores Yellow Jack Bar  On pool table
Sandy Shores Sandy Shores fire station On red tool cart
Senora Freeway YouTool hardware  On washing machines
Stab City Lost Hangout  Near safe on stage
Strawberry Vanilla Unicorn   On bench seat near the entrance
Tataviam Mt. Ammu-Nation  On front counter for clothes
Terminal Jetsam Terminal Building On picnic table 
Vespucci Beach Musclehead Gym On weights bench 
Vespucci Canals Barber shop On table near sofa
Vinewood Hills Madrazo’s Ranch Inside middle shed
Vinewood Hills Observatory By parking lot restrooms
West Vinewood Gentry Manor Hotel On chair in western courtyard
Zancudo Discount store In changing room
Zancudo Zancudo Military Base In north entrance booth
Paleto Cove Dock On right railing at base of wooden stairs
Grapeseed Park View Diner On white table
Senora Freeway Northern convenience store On top of picnic table
Banham Canyon Convenience store In back room
Davis Maze Bank parking lot  Inside parking booth
La Mesa In vehicle warehouse alleyway In the bus
Vinewood Hills Behind yellow house On ping pong table

As you can see, it’s going to take a fair amount of time to pick up all of these cards; we recommend you invest in a ridiculous new hypercar or pilfer a jet of some description, whatever floats your boat. You could also probably take a boat, if you wanted.

And there you go, that’s where to find all hidden GTA Playing Cards. Phew, there are quite a few of them, so we’d say you’ve certainly earned a break by taking a spin in some new GTA Casino cars, or betting on some digital horse racing. And, when it comes to the Poker tables, we hope you royally flush away the competition, rather than fold.