GTA 5 tops Twitch after launch of new RP server

Hundreds of thousands tuned in to check out NoPixel 3.0

The NoPixel RP server allows players to make a whole new life within GTA 5

The latest update to a GTA Online role-play server pushed Grand Theft Auto 5 to the top of the Twitch charts this week. For a hot minute, the open-world game was being watched on stream by over 400,000 people.

The end of January, a new trailer heralded the release of the NoPixel 3.0 GTA RP server, a GTA Online server designed for role-playing in a makeshift San Andreas. Players can be criminals, cops, regular people just making ends meet, whatever, all existing in this MMORPG game-like ecosystem. The server is made using the FiveM modding framework, and upheld by a dedicated team of volunteers.

The server is open, but you have to apply via the NoPixel website to be cleared for entry, with a waiting time of two to four weeks. This somewhat limited availability has worked out, however, because on Friday, 413,000 viewers were tuning into creators on Twitch playing Grand Theft Auto 5. Part of NoPixel’s charm is that it’s communal, you watch content creators, then go enter the world yourself, everyone sharing in the experience. The peak it created indicates quite a stir among the playerbase, given that’s four times the current amount playing the crime game.

Here’s the NoPixel trailer:

Here’s a screencap from GTA 5 standing tall on Twitch:

Just a couple of weeks ago, another creative GTA 5 player revealed a Burnout 3 remake that will (hopefully) one day be playable in GTA Online. Clearly, the sky’s the limit for this community, and the audience ready to watch it all happen.