GTA Online weekly update introduces the Slamtruck, baby

The latest car you can get in GTA Online

It’s reset day in Los Santos, and that can only mean one thing. GTA Online players are dipping into the crime game to see what’s new, discounted, and offering the best potential to make money. Rockstar has provided it’s own round up on its newswire, but most people choose not to wait as reset happens well before that.

One of the more prominent additions this week is a new car called the Slamtruck. Is it particularly lovely looking? No, not really, but it’s a truck that slams and we’re all here for it. If you want to add this beast to your garage, you can pick it up from Southern San Andreas Super Autos for $1.3 million in-game.

If you’re looking to raise some funds for your new Slamtruck, you ought to know that bunker sale missions are offering double rewards. If you’re new to those types of tasks, they typically involve picking up and shifting stock for money. It’s a good week to get into it as bunkers and bunker renovation are 40% off. Bunker research speed has been doubled, too.

This week the GTA 5 podium car is the Peyote Custom, which is nice, though it’s no Slamtruck. If you’d like to see what else is on sale then you can check out the rundown below:

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