GTA Online weekly update boosts rewards on VIP and bodyguard work

GTA Online weekly update: three Grand Theft Auto V players walk towards the camera away from a car while dressed as assassins

The GTA Online weekly update is here, folks, and that can only mean it’s Thursday. Rockstar Games will post the full notes on the Newswire later today, though the update is already live, so fans are dipping into Los Santos to see what’s worth doing this week.

You’re getting triple the usual in-game cash and reputation points on associate and bodyguard work alongside stunt races. Rockstar is also boosting the rewards on VIP and motorcycle club work by double. If you’ve been out of the loop, MC work applies to specific missions like Joust, Stand Your Ground, and Caged In. VIP and Bodyguard work, meanwhile, was introduced back in the Executives and Criminals update back in 2016.

If you’re looking for a new set of wheels, the GTA Prize Ride is the Hakuchou Drag, which you can earn by finishing in the top three of five pursuit races. The GTA Podium Vehicle, meanwhile, is the Savestra – more luck is involved in that one, but this might just be your week.

Here are the discounts:

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