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GTA 6 fan storms Gamescom stage, interrupts Geoff Keighley

GTA 6 is still not officially announced by Rockstar, but one person just stormed the Gamescom stage, surprising Geoff Keighley to ask about the GTA 5 sequel.

GTA 6 Gamescom: A man holding an assault rifle, Trevor from Rockstar sandbox game Grand Theft Auto 5

GTA 6 is likely on its way, though we’re still waiting for an initial announcement from Rockstar. With the GTA 6 release date still pending, one Grand Theft Auto player storms the stage of Gamescom 2023, interrupting host Geoff Keighley to shout questions about the next Rockstar sandbox game and sequel to GTA 5. This appears to be the same person who has previously invaded live television shows to ask about GTA 6 and, most recently, a return to Vice City.

During the very opening of Gamescom 2023’s Opening Night Live event, an unidentified person runs onto the stage, as Geoff Keighley is preparing to introduce Starfield and Bethesda director Todd Howard. The unidentified person says “I want to play GTA 6.” As the person is led off stage by security, Keighley says “that’s just disappointing. This is such a special night for so many developers and it’s really disappointing to see someone act that way.” You can see the clip in the video below, from YouTube account ‘GTA Six.’

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Though unconfirmed, this appears to be the same person who recently interrupted German football television show Doppelpass asking about GTA 6 and “Vice City.” It may also be the same person who, in 2021, invaded live TV show Beat the Star, also asking about GTA 6.

After being led away by security, the person was booed by the crowd attending Opening Night Live. The show immediately resumed, with Todd Howard telling the audience he “can’t wait” for them to play Starfield, which launches Wednesday, September 6.

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