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GTA 6 tease seemingly dropped by Rockstar

Rockstar Games seemingly just dropped a hint toward the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6 in a post about the GTA Online Moon Festival event.

GTA 6: Michael from Grand Theft Auto 5 looks to the side, with short brown hair and light blue collared shirt

Grand Theft Auto 6 is heavy on our minds, with many of us chomping at the bit to learn more about Rockstar Games’ upcoming entry to its long-standing series. While we have little official information on GTA 6 so far, the developer seems to be teasing its new game with possible references sprinkled into random images and posts about Grand Theft Auto 5 or Online. The most recent image sparking suspicion among fans advertises a free Moon Festival item in GTA Online, while subtly hinting toward GTA 6.

“Happy Moon Festival,” Rockstar writes. “Play GTA Online anytime this week to get the Red Happy Moon Tee and join the festivities.” The post isn’t a possible tease regarding Rockstar’s upcoming RPG game, though. The image accompanying it is. While you may just see two characters with vibrant Moon Festival-themed shirts at first, if you look at the background you’ll notice a full moon and the iconic Vinewood sign.

Rockstar's advertisement post regarding the free GTA 5 event items, possibly teasing GTA 6

Look at the image even closer and you’ll see that the V and I in Vinewood are a little too clear compared to everything else. All of the other letters are obscured by the people advertising the new shirts. What significance does V or I have, though? Well, when put together, VI makes 6. In other words, Grand Theft Auto VI, or Grand Theft Auto 6.

Sure, the whole tease could be a stretch, but it wouldn’t be the first time Rockstar Games has dropped a mysterious hint on us like this. Just a couple of weeks ago, the developer celebrated Grand Theft Auto 5’s anniversary with an image showing an airplane flying toward an overhead power line that looks like the letters V and I.

Old GTA 5 image possibly hinting toward GTA 6 as an airplane flies toward the VI sign

There’s no way to tell whether or not Rockstar actually meant to allude to GTA 6 in any of these images, but it’s exciting to speculate about the future game and not strange behavior at all on the developer’s part. Hopefully, the team will release some solid news on its upcoming shooter soon.

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