GTA Online and Red Dead Online easter eggs cross over and hint at something bigger

Madam Nazar appears to be bringing the disparate time periods together

People in the GTA Diamond Casino

Grand Theft Auto Online players and more general Rockstar fans have been picking apart easter eggs for ages in hopes of an early tease of news from the secretive studio. Since the GTA Online Casino Heist release date, there’s been a fresh set of clues to track, and those hints have tied back into Red Dead Online, too.

Madam Nazar appears as a fortune teller machine in the new GTA Online arcade, and she’ll occasionally tell you these numbers: “123 7645112.” As GamesRadar notes, you can call that number on a phone to hear a voice message from Nazar – so no, it’s probably not a coded reference to a GTA 6 release date.

But Madam Nazar also appears in Red Dead Online, as does a mysterious NPC trapped in an outhouse near Braithwaite Manor. That NPC repeats the exact same numbers that recently popped up in GTA Online, suggesting that Rockstar is coordinating to bring together these disparate easter eggs.

So what does any of it mean? That’s the question nobody’s been able to answer yet. It’s possible that the Red Dead Online numbers were just meant as a teaser for GTA Online’s Casino Heist, or this could all point toward further updates for either game. Regardless, GTA 6 will probably be announced just as its predecessors have been – out of nowhere, with a single teaser trailer to whet your appetite.

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