GTA V’s warehouses can be exploited for millions – but only this week

GTA V’s weekly update means you can make millions of dollars through the special cargo and warehouse missions, but you need to act fast

Two GTA 5 characters during a pest control missions

GTA V’s latest update can be exploited to make millions using the special cargo and warehouse missions, but you don’t have long – like a red-hot stock tip, you need to act in the next three days, before the next update on June 23.

So let’s get to it. In the past, Rockstar’s weekly updates have offered perhaps one truly solid way of earning extra cash – higher rewards for street races, property values increased by 50%, that kind of thing. But this time, the money-making potential is doubled up. Not only does the latest update reduce the cost of buying vehicle and special cargo warehouses by 30%, it offers a 50% additional cash bonus for completing cargo missions, and selling what you’ve stolen. This makes it a lot easier to get started in the warehouse trade, and also a lot more profitable much more quickly.

First you need a warehouse. The cheapest is the convenience store lockup in Rancho, which you can buy from the computer in your CEO office for a heavily discounted $175,000. Once you’ve bought it, just select it from the map, and select the option to fill it, which appears on the sidebar. That activates one of the special cargo missions, and typically these are very simple – you intercept a truck or a boat, bump off the drivers, then take the swag back to your warehouse.

If you own a small warehouse, like the convenience store, filling it will take around 40 minutes of grinding these missions. Once it’s filled, access the computer in the warehouse and sell everything inside. You’ll now have to deliver it to your buyers, which is a bit more work, but because of this week’s update, what you could once sell for $1.3m dollars can now net you around $2m dollars, so it’s worth the grind.

Do this until you can buy a medium warehouse, which you can fill with more cargo, and then again until you can get a large warehouse. These take about two hours of grinding to fill, but just one of them –once it’s filled — can net you about $4m dollars in a single sale. And that’s the process. Buy a warehouse, fill it with cargo doing those simple missions, and then sell as quickly as you can.

But you need to get on it fast, while the real estate is cheap and the profits are doubled. So take advantage of this while you can, and see how much cash you can pull in before June 23.