GTA Online weekly update features a free armored Kuruma

The GTA Online weekly update offers a free armoured Kuruma as well as boosting rewards on special cargo missions and more for the online multiplayer crime game

GTA Online weekly update June 16 - armored Kuruma

Fans of crime games will be ready for the newest GTA Online weekly update. It’s here and we have all the details – Rockstar’s official patch notes will be along later but we’ve already got everything you need to know to get to work in the online multiplayer game. This week, a free armoured Kuruma is probably the biggest draw, complete with vehicle armour and bulletproof tires.

There’s plenty of event boosts to help you rack up in-game cash and reputation points in this week’s events, too – both are doubled from getting involved in special cargo missions, the sumo remix adversary modes, the top fun dirt bike chase mission sequence, and any of shady car dealer Simeon’s missions.

You can also net a 50% additional bonus to rewards from any of the vehicle cargo CEO missions, which task players with filling their warehouses with stolen vehicles for sale. If you want to obtain a car by more ‘legitimate’ means, the GTA Online Prize Ride this week is the Turismo Classic, netted by finishing top five in car meet races for four days running. The GTA Online podium car is the Turismo R, for those feeling like trying their luck in the casino.

If you want to build out your office empire, executive offices and garages are all half price this week, while there’s 30% off the cost of office renovations, vehicle warehouses, and special cargo warehouses. A perfect opportunity to build up your infrastructure to take in all those new sets of wheels you’ll be bringing in!

Here’s the full set of discounts and details for the week:

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