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Guild Wars 2 is not a ‘dead game,’ new End of Dragons stats prove it

While some may believe that Guild Wars 2 is a 'dead game' when compared to WoW or FFXIV, ArenaNet has shown PCGamesN new stats that prove otherwise.

Guild Wars 2 is not a 'dead game,' new End of Dragons stats prove it: An Asian woman with black hair that's tied back stands holding two golden glowing swords in silver plate armor on a sunny backdrop with flowers and green grass

As someone who absolutely loved Guild Wars 2, but found herself straying down the World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV path, End of Dragons was everything I needed and more. The MMORPG‘s Asian-inspired DLC was a breath of fresh, Canthan air, and the Guild Wars 2 player count has skyrocketed as a result.

Our Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons review called the expansion a “refreshing return” for the age-old MMO, and that’s something I echo tenfold. The gorgeous new zone and the innovative new trait lines are all wrapped up in a soaring story that, quite honestly, is one of my favorite in any MMO to date – and I have played a lot of MMOs.

In an exclusive interview with PCGamesN following the release of the latest content patch, What Lies Within, I asked Guild Wars 2 game director Josh Davis about the impact End of Dragons – and laterally Guild Wars 2 coming to Steam – has had on the series.

“We’re feeling really good [about End of Dragons’ performance]! It’s amazing that Guild Wars 2, a game preparing to celebrate its eleventh anniversary, is not just doing well – it’s thriving!” he tells me. “We give a lot of credit for that to the End of Dragons expansion and our summer 2022 Steam launch, both of which helped revitalize the community by bringing back a ton of veteran players and introducing the game to entirely new generation of Guild Wars fans.”

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He also provided me with some never-seen-before data. “The February 2022 launch of End of Dragons helped us land our strongest Q1 performance since the announcement of Heart of Thorns in 2015 – a huge success in our book.

“But it gets better! We beat that number again this year by 20%, and we achieved that without an expansion launch. This growth has allowed us to increase the size of the Guild Wars 2 development team for the
first time in years.”

The game’s Steam debut also ushered in hordes of new players, with Davis telling PCGamesN “we’ve seen over a million new Guild Wars fans play the game! These new users aren’t all coming in through Steam – we’re seeing a good proportion of them coming in through GuildWars2.com – which signals to us that Steam has helped improve the awareness of Guild Wars 2 generally, not just on the Steam platform.”

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It’s a pretty sizable number given the misconception that Guild Wars 2 is a ‘dead game’ when compared to competitors. As we draw ever closer to the game’s fourth expansion – and a approach that’ll see new, smaller content released more frequently to avoid huge waits – I really can’t wait to see what’s next for Guild Wars 2. The fourth expansion ushers in a new age for Tyria, and that’s oh so very exciting for a long-time fan like me.

If you’re looking to pass the time while we wait for more news on the fourth expansion, we have a list of the best dragon games to sate your draconic woes, as well as a rundown of all the best fantasy games so you can get that magical fix.