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CD Projekt Red wraps up spin-off Witcher game with new update

CD Projekt Red has just revealed its final update for Gwent, The Witcher developer's free-to-play spin-off card game, giving us control over the deck builder.

Gwent The Witcher card game: A woman with glazed over white eyes and veiny skin snarls, blood streaming from her sharp teeth

Gwent was the first card game I ever found myself addicted to, and it remains my guilty pleasure to this day. I first enjoyed the game in The Witcher 3, playing amid an inn’s visitors, before testing Gwent’s PvP waters in 2020. It’s challenging, fun, and oh-so-rewarding when you win. CD Projekt Red has just released its final update to the free-to-play Witcher spin-off, placing the game’s future in our hands.

That’s right, the future of Gwent is up to us. CD Projekt Red begins its post revealing the Witcher-inspired card game‘s final update, saying, “Tomorrow we are releasing Update 11.10, which will include the final card changes made by us.” The developer continues, saying that the new patch means “that moving forward, you will have control over all the changes made to the cards of Gwent.”

“With the advent of Gwentfinity,” CD Projekt writes, “we are leaving the future balance of Gwent in your hands.” If you don’t know what the dev means with Gwentfinity, it describes the game’s ongoing support after its final update. Gwent will stay online as long as players continue to play, and both events and in-game seasons will occur as usual, too. CD Projekt Red’s officially organized tournaments will no longer exist, though.

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However, this allows us to actually host our own player-run competitions with prizes instead. The dev is not removing Gwent’s ranked mode, so you’ll see teams organizing tournaments made up of the free PC game‘s top players. To help keep the balance as players take over, CD Projekt Red reveals its introduction of the “Balance Council.”

The dev describes this mysterious council as “a voting system that allows the players to decide which cards should be stronger, weaker, costlier, or cheaper.” In other words, we’ll be in control of decks and how they play from here on out. You can view more details about the Balance Council, including its vote requirements, and 11.10 overall on the update’s official FAQ.

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