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Is Hades 2 Steam Deck compatible?

Sequel to the highly successful greek god roguelike, Hades 2 lives up to its high performance expectations on Valve's handheld gaming PC.

Hades 2 Steam Deck compatability

Is Hades 2 Steam Deck compatible? Given the history that developer Supergiant has with Valve’s handheld, it’s no surprise to see that Hades 2 also runs incredibly well on the portable console.

In what is shaping up to be one of the best Steam Deck games you can play, much like the original, Hades 2 asks nothing of players other than to boot and play.

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Is Hades 2 Steam Deck compatible?

Hades 2 is rated Verified for Steam Deck. Its fantastic performance is deemed worthy of Valve’s highest possible rating.

It shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, given how low the Hades 2 system requirements are, that the game runs incredibly well on Steam Deck. During our time testing the game on Valve’s handheld, we experienced a buttery smooth 90 fps on the default settings for the vast majority of our playtime. Even when the action got intense on screen, the Steam Deck never faltered.

As good as the handheld is, it’s rare to see games run so naturally on Steam Deck. Even indie titles sometimes struggle to adjust to the 800p display. Here, Supergiant Games has another gem on its hands, and Hades 2 looks even better on the vibrant Steam Deck OLED display.

Best Hades 2 settings on Steam Deck

There aren’t many video or gameplay settings in Hades 2, but here is what we were using;

  • Graphics Quality: High
  • VSync: On
  • Resolution: 1,200 x 800
  • Fullscreen: No
  • Borderless: No
  • Reticle Speed: 1800
  • Dead Zone: 15%

By default, the graphics are set to high, and we felt no need whatsoever to change this. During gameplay Hades 2 currently uses around 8.5w, meaning battery life on the Steam Deck OLED will last around 6 hours. Following a small update during early access, there is now a slight frame dip when entering a new level, but this is typically nothing more than a drop to around 50 fps which is barely noticeable.

Elsewhere, the GPU usage sits at around 50% on average while the CPU rarely crept above 30%. All in all, Hades 2 is very easy for the Steam Deck to run, but it’s also a well-optimized experience and one of the best you can have on the handheld.

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