Even Hollow Knight-like indie games hate the Silksong delay

There's a new platform game on PC that plays a lot like Hollow Knight, and apparently there's a Haiku the Robot Easter egg with harsh words about Silksong

A Haiku the Robot Easter egg makes fun of the Hollow Knight Silksong wait

Haiku the Robot is a new platform game in the style of hack-and-slash Metroidvanias like Hollow Knight, and apparently, even fellow indie games are tired of the wait for that game’s sequel – as this Haiku the Robot Silksong Easter egg suggests.

Hollow Knight: Silksong, the follow-up to Team Cherry’s beloved action-adventure game, was announced back in 2019 and there hasn’t been much announced about the sequel since – other than a couple of silky songs and the promise that it’ll only come out “when it matches the quality” of Hollow Knight.

Three years later and fans are impatient to hear more about the game, and apparently, fellow 2D indie games like Dark Souls are too. Haiku the Robot is highly influenced by Hollow Knight and was just released this week, so it’s impressive that players have already discovered its Silksong Easter egg. You can examine a statue in a graveyard that features the haiku, “to those in the distant future, should you find my grave, I ask this: is Silksong out yet?”

This is admittedly from a Kickstarter backer section of the game, but the fact that Haiku the Robot has been in development for two years and the joke’s still valid is both funny and deeply tragic. Sigh.

A new game, Haiku the robot, has a graveyard with some interesting writing. from HollowKnight

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