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Massive Half-Life 2 mod is basically a new Resident Evil 2 remake

A Half-Life 2 modder has just gone above and beyond, creating a stunning new Resident Evil 2 remake using Valve's own Source engine.

Half-Life 2 Resident Evil 2 remake: A man with short shaggy hair stares ahead from his side, a leather coat with fur trimming on him and a city backdrop behind him

Half-Life 2 never seems to leave the limelight, standing the test of time as one of the most iconic PC games ever. The 2004 sci-fi shooter sequel is still one of Steam’s most top-rated entries, and its creative community of modders isn’t showing any signs of slowing down either. One creator took it upon himself to craft a new Resident Evil 2 remake using Valve’s Source engine, producing a standalone mod for HL2 that’s almost too good to believe.

Modder ‘Blood Wraith’ has been working on his impressive Half-Life 2 rendition of Resident Evil 2 for years now, using Valve’s iconic Source engine to do so. “Enter the survival horror,” the creator says in his description of the massive mod. “Explore, solve, and fight your way through Raccoon City and its police department in this Source engine remake of Resident Evil 2.”

The community rating for Resident Evil Source, Blood Wraith’s mod, is a solid 8/10 with reviewers describing it as a “nostalgia trip” that RE2 fans will love. Others fondly detail the Half-Life 2 creation as a project with serious attention to detail, exclaiming that in the FPS game mod, “the maps look exactly like the original RE2.” Complete with puzzles and ink ribbons you use to save progress, the retro-style remake stays true to the original.

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Aesthetically, the Resident Evil sequel seems to blend into Half-Life 2’s Source engine beautifully. The style matches well and almost feels like the 1998 original as we look back on it today. You know how you think about old games and remember them looking a certain way, even though they may not have? That’s the vibe I get with Resident Evil 2 Source.

You can download Resident Evil 2 Source via ModDB right now for free if you want to give the Half-Life 2-esque version of Racoon City a spin for yourself. Considering the Team Fortress 2 fan remake situation as well as the Portal 64 cancellation now is as good a time as any other to look into talented modders’ work and support Valve’s creative community of fans.

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