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Free Halo mode brings CoD Zombies inspired co-op for a limited time

A limited-time Halo Infinite mode has been put in matchmaking that's essentially Call of Duty Zombies with Covenant over the undead.

Halo Infinite CoD Zombies gamemode: Master Chief from Halo

Halo’s Forge mode has always been a haven of creativity. Matchmaking in Reach was filled with obstacle courses, Grifball, infection, and even a mode where you scaled a ramp while avoiding falling debris. Halo Infinite has mostly kept that tradition alive (when Forge finally arrived), offering up fan-made tabletop RPGs and even an entire battle royale mode. Now though, 343 has sanctioned an entire Call of Duty Zombies tribute and put it in matchmaking for a limited time.

Developed by The Forge Falcons, the round-based PvE ‘Survive the Undead’ game mode has officially been added to Halo Infinite’s multiplayer offerings for a couple of weeks. Taking cues from Firefight and Call of Duty Zombies, you’ve got points to spend on perks, weapons, and even a mystery box in the FPS game.

Elites charge through walls with menacing red energy swords, brutes run at you with gravity hammers, and, unlike CoD Zombies, plenty of the enemies shoot back. With two maps available in matchmaking, Survive the Undead is clearly inspired by the iconic Zombies mode, just with Infinite’s coat of paint.

I’ve always maintained that despite 343’s initial lack of content, Halo Infinite has the strongest core of any game in the series. The gunplay is nothing short of superb, with tight controls, excellent weapon feedback, and a slide/grapple combo that makes the simple act of moving around exhilarating. Put that into CoD Zombies, and you’ve got a winner.

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This playlist will only be up in Halo Infinite’s Combat Workshop for two weeks, so be sure to take it for a spin before 343 shelves it. Hopefully it comes back further down the line, new and improved.

The Forge Falcons even made its own Halo Infinite battle royale mode with procedurally generated terrain and Covenant AI roaming the map. So if you’re upset that the rumored Halo BR was allegedly canceled, this is the next best thing.

The Halo Infinite multiplayer is free on Steam, meaning you can try this PvE mode with some friends at no extra cost. If you want the campaign you’ll have to pay however, or you can subscribe to PC Game Pass.

We’ve got a breakdown of the Halo Infinite system requirements if you’re looking to dive in, alongside some of the best co-op games you can try as well.

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