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Halo Infinite gameplay at E3 will reportedly be on PC

The next Halo is a little too big for Microsoft to show on Xbox One

Upcoming PC games - Halo Infinite

We expected Halo Infinite to be among the games Microsoft would show at its E3 presentation this year, and now we have some more details on what to expect. According to a report from reliable Microsoft insider Brad Sams, the first gameplay for Master Chief’s new adventure will be on PC rather than the Xbox One.

Infinite will be a next generation game, and apparently Microsoft does not want the first impressions of the title to be coloured by the limitations of the Xbox One. So at the company’s E3 showcase, we’ll see the game demonstrated on PC with an Xbox controller attached. This also means we likely won’t see the Halo Infinite release date until that next-gen Xbox is upon us, which likely won’t be until holiday 2020.

Microsoft will likely talk about its next bits of hardware at the show, according to the full report at Thurrott, but don’t expect many hard details. Instead, the focus will be squarely on the xCloud game streaming service – just a few days after we get hard details on Google Stadia.

As Xbox chief Phil Spencer tweeted last week, there will be 14 first-party games at the Microsoft show, and those will likely include Gears 5 and DLC for previously released titles like Forza Horizon 4 and State of Decay 2. You can put Fable 4 and a new Age of Empires in the ‘likely’ column, and Sams says there will be at least three new IPs announced here.

You can also expect more details on Game Pass for PC – potentially including a new application for the service and details on what the subscription model will look like.

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Check out the full E3 2019 press conference schedule to set your clocks and calendars for the show. Microsoft’s showcase promises to be the most notable overall for PC players, and we’ll see what’s in store on June 9.