Rumours that Halo Infinite will ship without multiplayer are “not true”

Don’t worry, Halo Infinite multiplayer will be there on day one. After a divisive showing at yesterday’s Xbox Games Showcase, a rumour that the game would launch without multiplayer began to gain traction earlier today. Now, 343 Industries has confirmed that’s “not true” – so we can expect more than the campaign at the Halo Infinite release date.

“This is only one source, so I can’t can’t absolutely scream it from the high rooftops, but they’ve been pretty decent in the past. One source is saying that multiplayer is not going to be shipping with single-player this fall,” Microsoft-focused journalist Brad Sams said during a recent YouTube show (at the 11:50 mark). “Still poking around to get all the details on that, but just keep that in mind.”

After that quote started circulating more widely, 343 community director Brian Jarrard responded on Twitter: “Nothing to see here folks, this is not true”. Multiplayer was not featured as part of the Halo Infinite gameplay demo showcased yesterday, but 343 plans to provide more information on that side of the game later this year.

In a recent blog post, 343 also mentioned that “we’re not quite where we expected to be in terms of broader public flighting”, so a potential Halo Infinite beta is on shaky ground. “The team is still working and assessing options for broader hands-on opportunities before launch and we’ll share an update when we can”.

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Halo Infinite is coming to Steam alongside its debut in the Xbox ecosystem, and 343 has also confirmed that the gameplay ran on a PC “representative of Xbox Series X”. We’ll see what the game looks like – console or otherwise – when it launches alongside the Xbox Series X later this year.

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