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Halo Infinite’s multiplayer could get a surprise Monday release

Could there be a Halo Infinite multiplayer early access release on November 15?

Halo Infinite multiplayer early access release for Monday possible

A Halo Infinite early access release for the game’s multiplayer component is strongly rumoured right now, with several prominent leakers swearing by it, the Microsoft Store seemingly leaking it, and even Google getting confused by it. Is Halo Infinite’s multiplayer getting a surprise Monday release?

While Halo Infinite’s single-player campaign has been something of a mystery, the multiplayer side has seemingly had a far smoother development – complete with multiple public betas so players already know a lot about how it’s going to work. While the official release date for Halo Infinite is December 8, the multiplayer has been confirmed as being free-to-play and available separate from the main campaign for a long time.

If multiple leakers are correct, Microsoft might be planning an early access release for the multiplayer component as a surprise for the 20th anniversary of both Xbox and Halo: Combat Evolved on Monday. YouTuber Nate The Hate, for example, boasted “I can independently confirm and share with you today that Halo Infinite multiplayer will be made available on Monday, November 15.”

HaloDotAPI stated that the Heroes of Reach event that kicks off Halo Infinite’s season one battle pass will be available on this date. Even Google got briefly confused, showing a countdown timer for Monday rather than December 8. The Xbox/Microsoft Store has offered further pieces of evidence, including a page for an “early access digital bundle” and code stating the pre-order release date is – yes – November 15, specifically for 18:00 – the same time GMT that Xbox is holding a celebration event.

There’s certainly not long to wait to find out if this rumour is true, so check back in 48 hours to find out if Halo fans are celebrating and Krispy Kreme was right all along. If not, December 8 is only a few weeks away.