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Beautiful new racing game is like Forza Horizon made by Rockstar

Heading Out, available now, is a story focused racer that blends Forza Horizon 5 together with Grand Theft Auto 5 and Driver: San Francisco.

Beautiful new racing game is like Forza Horizon made by Rockstar: A cartoon man in black and white, from Heading Out.

There aren’t enough racing games that put a strong focus on storytelling. In a genre dominated by the likes of Forza Horizon 5, The Crew Motorfest, and Dirt Rally 2, it’s always worth noting when a racer pops up that places an emphasis on its story, like this year’s Pacific Drive or 2011’s Driver: San Francisco. This is part of what makes Heading Out, a driving game that pulls from Grand Theft Auto V’s crime focus and RPG game branching plotlines, so noteworthy.

Heading Out is a racing game with a striking visual style, black and white comic book aesthetics mixed with splashes of bold reds and yellows, and a road trip storyline that, per its Steam page, is “inspired by cult classic road movies.” It stars a character driving across the United States, their desire to speed across the nation chosen by the player so their story (and the kind of people they meet along the way) changes with every run. Though driving is the focus, and takes center stage during races and car chases, there’s also a choice based layer to the game that sees the plot alter aspects like how the in game radio host describes your character in response to the player’s behavior and decisions.

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Heading Out is 10% off from now until next Tuesday May 14 on Steam, which brings its price down to $17.99 USD / £14.84. Grab a copy right here.

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