Hearthstone card reveal – meet Radar Detector

Say hello to Radar Detector, the latest Paladin spell in Hearthstone with the ability to tutor up to five Mechs for just two mana a pop

A tease for the upcoming Hearthstone card reveal of Radar Detector

A new expansion is on the horizon, so we're doing a Hearthstone card reveal for Radar Detector. The two-mana epic Paladin spell contains the following text: “Scan the bottom five cards in your deck. Draw any Mechs found this way, then shuffle your deck”.

If you’re playing a Mech-heavy Paladin deck, this card seems like a no-brainer as you have great odds of drawing at least one Mech without having to utilise any Azsharan cards. Unfortunately, there aren’t many worthy candidates in standard to consider when building a Mech-only Paladin deck. However, this seems much better when used in Wild. Not only do Paladins have some great Mechs in the older card sets, some of the Mechs in Wild are the best cards Hearthstone has ever seen.

We reckon Radar Detector needs some support before we can call it a must pick, but it definitely has some potential as more cards are added to the game.

Check out the card below:

The Hearthstone card reveal of Radar Detector

The latest Hearthstone expansion takes players to the ancient Night Elf city of Zin-Azshari in Voyage to the Sunken City. We already had the chance to reveal Blackwater Behemoth, the brand new Colossal Legendary minion exclusive to the Priest class. Colossal is the latest keyword to be added to the card game, set aside for huge minions that require multiple spaces on the board.

Though Nagas have been around in Hearthstone throughout the years, these minions finally have their own tribe tag to create unique synergies. These spell-focused creatures can be extremely powerful when paired with the right deck, giving you the tools you need to burn your opponent down.

The final keyword introduced in this expansion is Dredge, allowing you to look at the bottom three cards of your deck and pick one to add to your hand. This keyword pairs well with Azsharan cards, which drops a sunken card to the bottom of your deck. If you combine the two effects together, you can create powerful mid-game combos to surprise your opponents with. Our Hearthstone card reveal may not use the Dredge keyword, but it works in a similar way to this new feature.

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Haven’t played Hearthstone in a while? Give our best Hearthstone decks for beginners guide a read to get caught up. The Voyage to the Sunken City Hearthstone expansion is set to launch on April 12.