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Helldivers 2’s game master says that Liberty is temporarily bugged

The Galactic War that tracks Helldivers 2 players' contributions to the "spread of liberty" across the galaxy is currently freaking out a bit.

Helldivers 2

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of belly-flopping onto the extraction ship in Helldivers 2, knowing that you’ve successfully contributed to the galactic spread of freedom and liberty. Sadly, freedom and liberty are currently bugged. Helldivers 2’s game master says the dev team is currently working on a problem with the Galactic War tracking system, and that’s before we even get to the latest batch of crashes.

Today’s Helldivers 2 patch was aimed at resolving a bothersome friend request bug in the co-op game, which it seems to have accomplished at the cost of breaking the Galactic War tracking system and introducing a lot more crashes for some players.

“We’re aware of an issue with the Galactic War not tracking your effective spread of Liberty properly,” reads one of the latest updates on the Helldivers Discord server. “We are investigating this urgently and will keep you posted as soon as we understand the issue and have a fix to communicate to you.”

There are other problems to attend to, however. The next message in the announcements channel, posted just half an hour after the message about the Galactic War bug, acknowledges players’ complaints about increased crashing since the deployment of this morning’s patch.

“We know that many of you are experienc[ing] a lot of crashes at the moment (seemingly linked to the patch deployed earlier today, which at least resolved the persistent friend request issue for a lot of players),” writes Arrowhead community manager Twinbeard. “Our team is deep down in the trenches digging into the issue as we speak. We are on alert ready to update on any changes here.”

Clearly, the issues aren’t effecting everyone – more than 230,000 players are currently logged into Helldivers 2 on Steam, at the time of this writing. With astronomical sales numbers like Helldivers 2 has seen since launch, it’s inevitable that more players are going to experience technical problems (even if the percentage of players experiencing those problems remains the same).

Still, we’re hoping Arrowhead is able to get to the bottom of both of these issues before too long – the ongoing drama and propaganda surrounding the “war” have been a big part of what’s made Helldivers 2 so uniquely compelling.

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