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Helldivers 2 Steam situation “doesn’t look positive,” CEO says

Arrowhead CEO Johan Pilestedt provides an update on the Helldivers 2 Steam delisting, saying there should be no further restrictions.

Helldivers 2 Steam delisting update: a close up of a black and yellow space marine helmet in front of a slightly blurred Steam page

Even with the PlayStation Network (PSN) requirement now reversed, Helldivers 2 is in a rough spot. The Sony-published game has been delisted on Steam in almost 200 territories, with developer Arrowhead telling players it’s trying to bring it back to Valve’s platform. What started as Sony’s best PC launch to date has very quickly turned sour, as even with PSN no longer being required, the damage has been done.

Helldivers 2 developer and Arrowhead CEO Johan Pilestedt has provided an update on the game’s Steam delisting, and it’s not great news. Arrowhead is still having discussions with Sony in an attempt to reverse the decision, as Pilestedt says “It doesn’t look positive,” despite there likely not being any further restrictions for the co-op game.

“So, to give an update on the three further country restrictions. It was an administrative error correction – they should have been part of the original restriction and it was noticed when the restriction was put in place for [Ghost of] Tsushima,” Pilestedt says on Discord.

Helldivers 2 delisting update: a Discord message from Arrowhead's CEO explaining what's happening with the Steam delisting

Initially, Helldivers 2 was delisted on Steam in 177 territories by Sony with Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia the three countries added to the list. These 180 territories cannot buy the game at present, with Pilestedt repeatedly saying Arrowhead is in contact with Sony to try and get the issue resolved. The upcoming PC port of Ghost of Tsushima has also been delisted on Steam in those territories, owing to a PSN requirement for the multiplayer portion of the game.

“This was noticed and executed independently by Valve,” Pilestedt continues. “While it doesn’t look positive, it is not an indication of further restrictions. The conversation on region restrictions is still ongoing and is independent of this. I have no further information. We (Arrowhead) still want the game to be available everywhere.”

Sony has since dropped the PSN account linking requirement and seen the Steam review bombs from players largely reversed, but Helldivers 2 is still delisted in many territories across the globe. Pilestedt and Arrowhead are working to see Helldivers 2 reinstated, but between this game and Ghost of Tsushima, Sony continues to walk back its progress in the PC market.

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I’ve reached out to Sony on multiple occasions concerning the Helldivers 2 and Ghost of Tsushima delistings, and will provide an update should I get a response.

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