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Helldivers 2’s big choice operation canceled by a huge swarm of bugs

Operation Legitimate Undertaking has been put on hold while Helldivers 2 players content with a massive Terminid outbreak on the barrier planets

You may recall that last week, Helldivers 2 high command issued a new major order, Operation Legitimate Undertaking, which had players choose between two planets to liberate from the malevolent robots. Well, that operation has now been gloriously canceled, because it turns out the Terminid Control System deployed to keep the bugs at bay last month must be gloriously shut down.

The Terminid Control System was put in place as part of the global campaign in March. Helldivers 2 players deployed to bug-infested planets to activate TCS towers, which then began spewing “termicide,” a toxic gas that was supposed to wipe out terminids on contact. However, since its first appearance in the co-op game, termicide has been linked – unofficially, mind – with various terminid mutations, including the now-commonplace flying variants of the bugs.

It now seems that Super Earth high command has had to reckon with the unintended consequences of termicide. “Terminid outbreaks have erupted on all Barrier Planets,” the latest dispatch reads. “The bugs are displaying resistance to Termicide, something our top scientists previously believed impossible.”

The barrier planets are found in the Umlaut sector on the “eastern” side of the galactic map. They include the planets Erata Prime, Fenrir III, Meridia, and Turing. According to the latest update, things are particularly dire on Meridia, where “teminid reproduction rates have exploded overnight, and continue to increase exponentially.” It’s bad enough that the planet has been designated a terminid “super-colony,” and that the problem does in fact seem to stem from the deployment of the TCS. Meridia, high command says, is “unsalvageable.”

Helldivers are thus directed to deactivate TCS towers on the remaining barrier planets to prevent the same fate from befalling them. Operation Legitimate Undertaking has been placed on “indefinite hiatus” in the meantime. You’ll have to return to the barrier planets and find the TCS towers again, this time to turn them off.

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