2023’s best Game Pass surprise ends like “a pilot of a TV show”

As of right now there's no Hi-Fi Rush sequel planned, but an incredible launch and five The Game Awards nominations might just change that.

Hi-Fi Rush sequel: a bright city background wth a guy jumping in the foreground

Anyone who played Hi-Fi Rush wants a sequel. I’m confident in saying that because it’s a phenomenal game and one among the stacked slate of Game Pass releases that The Game Awards nominations have taken rightful notice of. On that note, the game’s own director director says nothing is set in stone, but does note how Hi-Fi Rush ends like the pilot of a TV show.

If you forgot that Hi-Fi Rush came out in 2023, I wouldn’t blame you. The Tango Gameworks rhythm action game was shadow-dropped by Xbox at the end of a showcase in January, and it quickly became one of the most well-loved Steam and PC Game Pass releases in recent memory.

Hi-Fi Rush just ended up a bit forgotten, but that’s through no fault of its own, until it secured an incredible five nominations at this year’s The Game Awards. Safe to say that later this week Tango will likely be walking away with at least one win under its belt.

2023 has just had so many massive games, so a stealth release in January can easily fly under the radar until you realize it’s still here. So if like me you’d love a sequel, it’s something Tango game designer and Hi-Fi Rush director John Johanas is aware of, although he can’t make any promises.

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“Hi-Fi Rush intentionally ends in a way that’s almost conclusive yet also feels like a pilot of a TV show with a ‘where do we go from here?’ feel,” Johanas tells TouchArcade. “So, in this theoretical magical world where you suggest the series continues on… I don’t really think anything is set in stone on what could happen, but just as the original game was such a surprise, I wouldn’t want to get anyone excited about what might or might not happen, you know?”

So, I wouldn’t hold out hope for a Hi-Fi Rush 2 just yet, but, between the commercial, critical, and potential Game Awards reception, I have absolutely no doubts that Xbox and Tango are discussing it.

With nearly 20,000 Steam reviews and a strong Steam launch, Game Pass didn’t seem to slow down Hi-Fi Rush either, so I can’t see it doing poorly. Xbox head Phil Spencer even commented at the time about how the shadow drop really worked in the game’s favor, too. Maybe they’d try it again for a sequel, but considering how well-known of a game IP it is now, Xbox may also want to drum up some hype if we’re to get more.

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