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Roblox High School 2 codes December 2023

Get a head start with your education and your social life with these Roblox High School 2 codes and be the ultimate cool kid on campus.

What are the latest Roblox High School 2 codes? Being a kid is hard, and being a teacher can be even harder. In High School 2 you can live out your ideal school life as one of the pupils, or even one of the staff; taking classes, hanging out, and dancing the night away after school are all part and parcel of this Roblox game.

Using these Roblox High School 2 codes will give you a boost as you enter the new school year. Many of them award you with credits that you can use to spruce up your wardrobe, buy boosts from the store, or maybe even purchase a new means of transport if your skateboard is getting a little shabby. We also have Project Mugetsu codes and Blox fruit codes, if you’re really into getting free stuff in your free game.

Roblox High School 2 codes: two blocky humanoid classmates have a jape around in the school courtyard.

New High School 2 codes

  • FANART2023 – 500 credits
  • HIGHSEAS2022 – 500 credits
  • HOLIDAY22 – 500 credits
  • RHS2DISCORD – Vehicle skin

Expired High School 2 codes

  • StarOfTheShow
  • BeautyOfArt
  • Discord20k

How do I redeem High School 2 codes?

You won’t be getting any freebies if you don’t know how to redeem the codes. Thankfully, the process is simple. To redeem Roblox High School 2 codes:

  • Open your in-game phone by clicking on it, or using the ‘C’ key.
  • Click on the ‘Free Rewards’ button in the bottom right corner.
  • Click on ‘Promo Codes’.
  • Enter one of the new High School 2 codes above and enjoy your rewards!

Roblox High SChool 2 codes: a menu prompting the player to enter free promo codes.

How do I get more High School 2 codes?

We update this list regularly, so make sure you’re checking back often for new High School 2 codes. You can also follow the developer’s Twitter page, as they often post new codes there. There’s also the High School 2 Discord group, which also receives new codes from time to time.

Now you’ve got a ton of swag for the new school year, and you know every Roblox High School 2 code, get out there and get learning! If you’re tired of school, that’s okay, there are plenty more games for you to play in our best Roblox games list, and if you’re looking for even more freebies, we have a huge list of Roblox promo codes and Roblox music codes here.