Hogwarts Legacy Magic Neep location

If you’re struggling to find the Hogwarts Legacy Magic Neep location, you won’t be able to complete your Welcome to Hogsmeade tasks, so here’s a map to help.

Hunting for the Hogwarts Legacy Magic Neep location? The Hogsmeade shop is a bit tricky to locate, but you’ll need to visit the greengrocer for all your magical neep and tatty needs – I mean, to complete the Welcome to Hogsmeade task at the start of your story. You’ll even get some free supplies for your efforts.

The Magic Neep is a bit out of the way and isn’t located near other shops in the area, so if you’re struggling to find the shop selling plants and seeds on the vast Hogwarts Legacy map, we’ve highlighted it for you below. The Magic Neep and your first trip to Hogsmeade in Hogwarts Legacy just marks the beginning of your massive magical journey. If you want to know how long Hogwarts Legacy is, we’ve got a separate guide for that, but for now let’s concentrate on navigating Hogsmeade and finding The Magic Neep.

Hogwarts Legacy Magic Neep location: The in-game Hogwarts Legacy map, showing the location of the Magic Neep shop

Where to find The Magic Neep in Hogwarts Legacy

As you can see in the image above, the Hogwarts Legacy Magic Neep location is somewhat off the beaten path, and you need to cross the river to find it. To get there, cross the bridge directly behind J. Pippin’s Potions, which you also need to visit during the Welcome to Hogsmeade quest, so you may as well check them off at the same time.

Once you get to The Magic Neep, you’ll meet Timothy Teasdale, just one of the many friendly Hogwarts Legacy characters dotted around Hogsmeade. During the story quests, he fixes you up with the dittany seeds Professor Weasley has sent you to collect. However, you can always come back and obtain all sorts of useful items from Timothy, including room of requirement essentials, seeds, plants, and more.

Now you know how to locate The Magic Neep, you’ll be ready to wrap up your first trip to Hogsmeade, though it doesn’t come without its surprises – and cutscenes. If waiting for the story to unfold isn’t for you, then you can skip Hogwarts Legacy cutscenes.

What is The Magic Neep?

As we’ve touched on above, the Magic Neep is a greengrocers, selling edible ingredients and vegetables. The Magic Neep differs from Dogsmead and Deathcap, which sells inedible plants and flowers, including harmful potion ingredients.

Alongside The Magic Neep, Welcome to Hogsmeade will take you to Ollivander’s, so make sure you know the best Hogwarts Legacy wand you can be paired with, or check how to import your wand and house to Hogwarts Legacy from your wizarding World account. You’ll also need to know the Dogweed and Deathcap location further down the line too, so we’ve got a guide for that as well. Finally, our list of the best PC games has some alternative options if you’ve had enough of this wizarding world.

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