How to import your house and wand in Hogwarts Legacy

Import your house and wand to Hogwarts Legacy if you don’t want to be randomly sorted, and you’ll unlock an exclusive set of house robes.

Import your house to Hogwarts Legacy: The sorting hat is placed atop a student's head

Want to know how to import your house and wand to Hogwarts Legacy? It’s not surprising – our house is important to us witches and wizards, and we don’t want to risk getting placed into the wrong one.

So how do you determine your house before even loading up the open-world game? First, you need to have a Wizarding World account, and you must have completed your house sorting over there (though if you’re not happy with it, you can pick the best Hogwarts Legacy house when you’re in-game – same goes for the best wand). Once you’ve done that, you can link your Wizarding World account to Hogwarts Legacy for a predetermined house and wand, and even an exclusive customisation option.

How to link your Wizarding World account to Hogwarts Legacy

Before starting your Hogwarts education, head to the Wizarding World website and either log into or register an account. If you’re new to Wizarding World, finish your house sorting and wand ceremony before linking your account. Then, link your WB account to your Wizarding World account by following the instructions here. As if by magic, your accounts will now be linked and you’ll receive your rewards when you log into your Warner Bros account on Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy Wizarding World account link rewards: The Fan-atic robes, beak mask, and sorting hate and wand representing the four rewards for linking your accounts

Hogwarts Legacy linking account rewards

Before you even get started in the RPG game, if you link accounts and log in to the same WB account when you start playing Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll be given exclusive loot. Not only will you have the right wand and be placed into the right house, but you’ll be able to roam Hogwarts’ halls wearing the House Fan-atic school robe suitable to your house placement, as well as the Beaked Skull Mask. Take a look at our Hogwarts Legacy transmog guide to equip all of these items. Our Hogwarts Legacy review can tell you all about how drab the in-game customisation items are, so every new fit helps.

Get the wrong house on Wizarding World? No worries, you are still able to change your house and wand in game, so it’s not all down to the Hogwarts Legacy Sorting Hat. But never mind that, because where you’ll spend your time is more important than the clothes on your back, so take a look at which of the Hogwarts Legacy common rooms you’d feel most at home in, which Hogwarts Legacy characters you get on with, or have a gander at all the Hogwarts Legacy spells in the game.

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