How long is Hogwarts Legacy?

You're going to need to catch up on a lot of work if you want to finish the school year on time. Here's how long it takes to finish Hogwarts Legacy

How long is Hogwarts Legacy: a wizard student rides the back of a winged creature

How long is Hogwarts Legacy? A large chunk of the wizarding world is open to you once Hogwarts Legacy releases this February, but how many hours does it take to finish off the school year? If being on time and passing your classes isn’t enough, you’ll have all manner of fantastic beasts and goblin uprisings to deal with.

It’s always tough to pin down just how long it will take someone to beat an open-world game. What does finishing such an open experience look like in one of the best PC games; is it just completing the main story, or can you only close the Hogwarts Legacy book when every single loose end has been tied up? The answer will be different for everyone, but all we can do right now is speculate on how long it will take to beat Hogwarts Legacy.

How long is Hogwarts Legacy: students mill around in a large hall

Hogwarts Legacy main story length speculation

Hogwarts Legacy’s main campaign should take around 35 hours to complete. There’s so far been no official word on how long it takes to beat the RPG game. However, we have the 35-hour estimate thanks to a post on Reddit by Spheromancer replying to the art book leak.

Big games such as this always include numerous side-quests and a bunch of exploration, with some of the most popular games in the genre topping 100 hours for a completionist run. If you wish to complete everything, it’ll apparently take “70 hrs with sidequests and 100%”.

It’ll be a few more weeks before we get a concrete answer to the question of how long is Hogwarts Legacy, but rest assured, we’ll be updating this guide as soon as we know more. Don’t forget to keep an eye on our Hogwarts Legacy release date guide to find out the latest information on the latest game in the Harry Potter universe. We also know who some of the Hogwarts Legacy characters are, what some of the Hogwarts Legacy beasts you can tame are, and how big the Hogwarts Legacy map is.

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