2023’s best selling game is already 40% off on Steam

Hogwarts Legacy was the best selling game of 2023, and now the fantasy RPG developed by Avalanche Software is already almost half off on Steam.

Hogwarts Legacy

Harry Potter fans lost their tail when Hogwarts Legacy finally launched in February 2023. The RPG had experienced a long development cycle from rookie studio Avalanche Software, but much to their and Warner Bros. Games chagrin, the title became the best-selling game of the year. Now, less than a full year after launch, the game is on sale on Valve’s digital market Steam, opening a window of opportunity for those who missed out on it to give it a try and sling a few spells.

Hogwarts Legacy delivered for many Harry Potter fans a chance to journey through the wizarding world in a video game setting for the very first time. The game’s campaign brings players to Hogwarts in the 1800s and sparks a journey of a student uncovering an ancient and dangerous secret. The game has an expansive storyline along with multiple endings depending on how you play your cards- erm, spells, that is.

It’s almost incredible it took until 2023 for a triple-A game in the Harry Potter universe to exist, given the unbridled popularity of the books and movies, but here we are. Now, a recent job listing makes it seem a Hogwarts Legacy sequel is already in the works.

Hogwarts Legacy is on sale for 40% off on Steam until February 11 at 12am PST / 3am EST / 8am GMT / 9am CEST. Expect to pay $35.99/£28.48 for the standard version. The Digital Deluxe Edition is also 40% off, costing players $41.99/£33.23. If you are feeling generous, the Dark Arts Pack is 40% as well as stand-alone DLC, and will run you $11.99/£15.15.

If you do buy Hogwarts Legacy, you can shake up the game with great Hogwarts Legacy mods, including a Shrek mod that is quite incredible. You can also prepare for any possible sequel by looking through all of the Hogwarts Legacy quests and making sure you have fully completed the current game’s extensive content.

The creator of the Harry Potter series, JK Rowling, has made a number of transphobic remarks on social media in recent years. Warner Bros. has the license to make games based on Harry Potter. While the details of that deal aren’t publicly known, and WB Games says “J.K. Rowling is not directly involved in the creation of the game”, it is likely that, as the creator and owner of the Harry Potter IP, she will earn royalties from its sales. If you’d like to learn more about transgender equality or lend your support, here are two important charities we encourage you to check out: the National Center for Transgender Equality in the US, and Mermaids in the UK.