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Best Hogwarts Legacy mods 2024

These are the best Hogwarts Legacy mods to make your time in the wizarding world more enjoyable, including an arachnophobia filter and a host of strange brooms.

Looking for the best Hogwarts Legacy mods? You’re in luck. The wizarding world of Harry Potter is vast, and Portkey Games’ offering looks to give players a full, rich Hogwarts experience. But what if you want to change something, or what if there are things you wish to add? Mods could be the way for you to put your own stamp on the game.

Open-world games are notorious for their mods. They give RPG games a second life once the main story is done and dusted and you’ve explored every inch of the world. Some of the best PC games have found a way to extend their life tenfold due to the inventiveness of their players. Which Hogwarts Legacy mods will you use to leave your mark on the world of Harry Potter?

The best Hogwarts Legacy mods are:

  • Arithmancy
  • Arachnophobia
  • Ascendio
  • Autohomora
  • DragonOgryff
  • Facial hair
  • Hagrid Paintings
  • Mouse controls for broom
  • NPC Schedule Enhanced
  • Shrek broom
  • Silencio
  • Smaller UI
  • Talent Reset potion recipe
  • Thomas broom
  • Voldemort
  • Hogwarts Legacy Multiplayer

Best Hogwarts Legacy mods 2023: a student stands in front of a door marked with symbols. Each symbol has an image and a number.


If you’re having issues gaining access to the maths-based entryways, even after reading our door puzzles guide, you’ll probably need to employ the help of the Arithmancy mod. It adds a number to each of the symbols around the door puzzle, so you’ll be able to solve the equation and gain entry in no time.

Best Hogwarts Legacy mods 2023: a bunch of aggressive cubes stand in front of a spiders web


The world of Hogwarts Legacy is rife with all kinds of flora and fauna, most of which will want to kill you on sight. One of the biggest threats to your continued existence is the spider, and, if you’re like a lot of people and physically can’t stand the sight of the little blighters, the Arachnophobia mod changes their appearance to that of a harmless box – that’s all, a horde of little cubes coming to end you, nothing creepy about that.

Best Hogwarts Legacy mods 2023: a side by side comparison of the game video game, and its respective framerates


Occasionally when you’re exploring the Wizarding World, you’ll encounter some performance issues, most notably sudden drops in framerate and/or stuttering. Ascendio improves the performance of Hogwarts Legacy so you can live your best magical life without having to worry about your game turning into a slideshow.

Bes Hogwarts Legacy mods: a magical locking mechanism


The lockpicking minigame is a standard bit of drudgery across all open-world RPG games, and even though Hogwarts Legacy has its own magical take on the unlocking bit, it still gets tiresome pretty quickly. With the Autohomora mod, you will automatically unlock anything, regardless of difficulty.

Best Hogwarts Mods: a wizarding student rides a dragon.


If you’re looking for a mount with a little bit more menace, the DragonOgryff mod is the one for you. It transforms the Hippogriff into a fearsome dragon that can walk, and fly around the Hogwarts grounds.

Best Hogwarts Legacy mods 2023: a student who looks too young to grow facial sports a rather luxurious beard

Facial hair

Yeah, you play as a young adult in Hogwarts Legacy, but who’s to say you didn’t hit puberty early? Who’s going to tell you that you can’t sport a lovely moustache as you save the Wizarding World? Nobody, that’s who. The Facial hair mod adds a host of beards and other facial accessories to add a few years to your Hogwarts character.

Best Hogwarts Legacy mods 2023: paintings all showing a big bearded man

Hagrid Paintings

This a mod for those of you wondering if Hagrid is in Hogwarts Legacy, and were disappointed with the answer. Hagrid Paintings looks to add the burly groundskeeper to many of the paintings dotted around the hallways of the wizarding school, only it isn’t a hyper-realistic Robbie Coltrane, it’s a faithful recreation of the fan-favourite Ps1 Hagrid, sharp angles and all.

Best Hogwarts LEgacy mods 2023: a wizard flies over a field on his broom

Mouse controls for broom

The eloquently named Mouse controls for broom is a simple mod that allows you to steer your best Hogwarts Legacy broom using the mouse, including the ascend and descend functions. Can be used in conjunction with the keyboard, so you can find the control scheme that suits you best.

Best Hogwarts Lgacy mods: a group of schoolchildren gather inside a colour ful shop.

NPC Schedule Advanced

With the NPC Schedule Advanced mod, every named NPC in Hogwarts Legacy will now adhere to an actual schedule instead of just wandering aimlessly and disappearing at night. Vendors shut up shop after dark and go home, and students visit Hogsmeade on the weekend. The NSA mod is essential if you’re looking to increase the immersion level of Hogwarts Legacy

Best Hogwarts Legacy mods 2023: a wizard rides the back of Shrek the ogre

Shrek broom

Most definitely one of the stranger entries on this list, but a must for anyone who wants to add a bit of the swamp into their Hogwarts Legacy experience. The Shrek broom transmogrifies your broom into, yes, you guessed it, Shrek. Explore the surroundings of Hogwarts on a giant green flying Ogre and watch as onlookers gasp with sheer jealousy.

Best Hogwarts Legacy mods: a wooden carving of a female face


Are you tired of being (Floo) flamed walking down a corridor? The fast-travel ladies of Hogwarts are extremely useful for getting around, but their chatter wears thin extremely quickly. With the Silencio mod, the Floo Flame panels no longer talk any time you are in proximity.

Best Hogwarts Legacy mods 2023: a wizard rides a broom through a dark forest

Smaller UI

Most of us playing Hogwarts Legacy will be doing so from our desks, with a monitor a few feet in front of our faces. Because we’re so close to the action, it really isn’t necessary for the UI to be as large as it is, and that’s where the Smaller UI mod comes in handy. This mod shrinks UI elements so you can see more of your beautiful surroundings.

Best Hogwarts Legacy mods 2023: talent reset potion on sale

Talent Reset potion recipe

There are more Hogwarts Legacy Talents than you have upgrade points for, meaning that it’s impossible for you to unlock every Talent. This can be an issue, especially if you take the wrong one, as it’s impossible to respec your character without the use of mods. The Talent Reset potion recipe mod, however, enables the sale of a recipe at Pippins potion store in Hogsmeade that allows you to reset your Talents so you can try again.

Best Hogwarts Legacy mods 2023: a blue train with a face sits in a field

Thomas broom

For those of you with more discerning taste, the Thomas broom allows you to zoom around the skies of Hogwarts in your very own blue locomotive. Thomas the Tank Engine mods have appeared in so many games at this point that not seeing him in Hogwarts Legacy would have been a massive shame.

Hogwarts Legacy mods: a featureless evil wizard with pale skin and glowing orange eyes.


We know that he who must not be named didn’t always look like a deep-sea fish, but if you have the hankering to roleplay as one of the evilest wizards who ever existed, the Voldemort mod is right up your (Diagon) alley. We’re giving this mod bonus points for still allowing hair and eyewear customisation features, despite the Dark Lord not actually possessing a nose.

YouTube Thumbnail

Hogwarts Legacy Multiplayer

There is a Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer mod in development from the folks at Together Team; the same team that brought us the stellar Skyrim Together multiplayer mod. The mod is currently playable for members of Together Team’s Patreon, and although it is still very early in its development, the results already look very promising for those who want to explore the Wizarding World with friends. Check out the work-in-progress video above for more details.

How to install Hogwarts Legacy mods

Since there is no official way of installing Hogwarts Legacy mods, you’re going to have to place the mod files in the game directory yourself. To do that, simply unpack the .zip folder the mods come in and put them in:

\Hogwarts Legacy\Phoenix\Content\Paks\~mods\

If you do not have a mods folder inside the Paks folder, simply create one. Until an automated solution is created, this is how you install Hogwarts Legacy mods.

Well, there you have it, the best Hogwarts Legacy mods available right now. Right now, the most popular mods are fairly shallow, but as the game matures, the mod scene will along with it, and it might not be long before we’re treated to new spells, characters, and even new talents. Perhaps we’ll get more challenging Infamous Foes added to the game as well. Hogwarts Legacy has such a broad scope already that there really isn’t telling what a creative modder will be able to do given significant time with the game.

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