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Hogwarts Legacy sequel might be in the works

It looks like Avalanche Software and Warner Bros. Games could be gearing up for a Hogwarts Legacy sequel, according to a cryptic job listing.

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Hogwarts Legacy has only been out for about half a year, but Avalanche Software may already have a sequel for the RPG game planned. Set in the 1800s, Hogwarts Legacy takes the Wizarding World and its students back in time before the more contemporary setting of the Harry Potter series rolls around. It blends features fans looked forward to seeing in a Harry Potter game, but also lacks some bigger ones such as Quidditch. A job listing posted by Warner Bros. Games could point toward a sequel that has those missing elements, though.

The job listing calls for a temporary junior software engineer based on-site in Utah. “Join the team behind the blockbuster open world, action RPG Hogwarts Legacy as we create what’s next,” reads the advertisement. The role accountabilities describe what the successful candidate would be involved in, including tasks like designing and writing game code. It also specifies that the job would entail working with designers to “implement and tune various in-game scenarios.”

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While a Hogwarts Legacy sequel is not mentioned overtly within the listing itself, the studio does note that successful applicants will work with the developers “on what’s next.” Considering Hogwarts Legacy’s Steam sales, and the fact that there were no initial Hogwarts Legacy DLC plans, Warner Bros. Games’ next project could be a second game, or even some sort of expansion rather than a smaller DLC.

Until we have more news or any solid confirmation about such plans from the studio, you can spice up your base game on your own with these great Hogwarts Legacy mods instead. You can also prepare for any possible sequel by looking through all of the Hogwarts Legacy quests and making sure you have fully completed the current game’s extensive content.

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