Homeworld 3 reveals first gameplay trailer, and will launch late next year

The beloved RTS series is back, with a new trailer and a release window

A woman gazes upward from a computer console she appears to be attached to in Homeworld 3.

Homeworld 3 debuted a new trailer during The Game Awards, showing some atmospheric shots and setting up the story, and revealing the space-based RTS game will launch late 2022.

Homeworld 3 first showed up as a crowdfunding campaign on Fig in 2019, although publisher Gearbox set its goal at a rather symbolic $1. The campaign wrapped up having pulled in more than $1 million, however, and headed into pre-production. Since then, we’ve heard precious little about it.

Developer Blackbird Interactive is finally ready to start talking about Homeworld 3, it seems. Tonight’s new trailer shows some establishing shots of the deserts of Kharak and the massive fabricator mothership, with hints at some new ideas like ship combat over the surface of a massive super space station. “Homeworld 3’s campaign is set in a galaxy that has enjoyed an age of abundance thanks to the Hyperspace Gate Network, with the cycles of peace and war having come and gone,” developer Blackbird Interactive says. “The gates themselves are now catastrophically failing and Karan, who has passed into myth and religious idolatry, is the key to the mystery threatening the entire galaxy’s future.”

Here’s the first look at Homeworld 3 gameplay:

YouTube Thumbnail

“Developed for powerful modern hardware, Homeworld 3 will not just be a visual treat for fans, with all new ship designs and settings, but will also add key gameplay features that continue to deepen the series’ enthralling strategy gameplay,” Blackbird says. “Fully simulated ballistics make line of sight and cover critical strategic considerations. Your fleet persists from mission to mission. Scars on your ships linger. Strike craft pilots and capital ship captains pass along critical information through battlefield chatter. In addition to conquering the game’s campaign, players can challenge each other to intense 1v1, free-for-all or team battles, or tag team in an all-new co-op mode with a roguelike twist. Homeworld 3 will be the deepest and most satisfying gameplay experience in the series yet.”

We’ll find out more about Homeworld in the months to come.

The Game Awards is an annual extravaganza hosted by veteran presenter and game journalist Geoff Keighley. In theory, it’s an award show highlighting the best of the past year’s games, but the show generates its biggest excitement with an array of announcements for new games from developers both big and small. Stick with us for coverage of all the upcoming PC games announced at the event.