Honkai Star Rail rewards you for talking to real people, not waifus

The chat system has finally made it into Honkai Star Rail, and to celebrate HoYoverse has set up a new event that rewards communication with merch.

Honkai Star Rail rewards you for talking to real people, not waifus: A woman with deep purple hair looks over her shoulder with glasses on her head wearing a black cloak over a white shirt in a crowd of black umbrellas with a black cat at her feet

While I’ve spent most of my time in Honkai Star Rail chatting to the handsome Dan Heng or gorgeous Himeko, it’s time I gave all of those Honkai Star Rail characters a rest and chatted to actual people using the anime game‘s new chat function. As a reward for doing so, HoYoverse are giving a few lucky Honkai Star Rail players some sweet rewards – including new merch.

With ‘friend chat’ now available in-game, HoYoverse is running a limited-time event that centres around the new system. In a July 5 tweet, the devs state that “during the event, create an interesting chat dialogue card and stand a chance to win attractive merch prizes!”

But what are those prizes, I hear you ask? A huge Dan Heng cutout? No, sadly not. Instead, you’ll get a random character stand and badge – close enough, I guess, basically a small Dan Heng cutout. There’s only 50 on offer, so make sure your chat is good enough to pique HoYoverse’s interest.

The tweet presents you with two blank versions of the chat screen, one with two female Trailblazers chatting to each other via text, and the other with two male Trailblazers. You can add text into the three different speech bubbles, then post them on social media with the tags ‘#StarRailChat’ and ‘#HonkaiStarRail.’ Be sure to include your HoYoverse account ID in the post, and that your profile is set to ‘Public.’

A blank chat from Honkai Star Rail between two female Trailblazers

The Honkai Star Rail chat event will run from Wednesday, July 5, and end on Sunday, July 9 and 11:59pm UTC. While it’s more just for fun than anything else, it gives you something to do ahead of the Honkai Star Rail 1.2 release date.

While I personally enjoy the idea of texting Dan Heng or Himeko over actually talking to real people, at least I’m more just talking to myself with this event. I will, however, dive into the game and say hi to some friends with the new update, because, while you can’t play together, at least you can chat away as you farm up all of that Stellar Jade.

Speaking of Stellar Jade, it’s worth using our list of Honkai Star Rail codes to see if there’s any new gear that you can claim ahead of the Honkai Star Rail banners that are dropping with 1.2. After all, I need all the passes I can get to pull for Kafka.