Honkai Star Rail characters

Everything about the Honkai Star Rail characters you could ever want to know, including their elements, paths, and personality quirks that make them tick.

Want to know who the Honkai Star Rail characters are? Much like Genshin Impact, the latest game in the Hoyoverse has a distinct anime style, complete with bubbly extroverts, brooders with a dark past, and just about every fan-favourite character type you might expect in Japanese animation.

Not all of these Honkai Star Rail characters will be playable at launch, but this free PC game will have many heroes available to win from the gacha minigame. Some of them will achieve greatness at the top of the Honkai Star Rail tier list, while others will still win plenty of fans thanks to their great personality.

Honkai Star Rail character list

Beneath these character profiles, you’ll see the listings for their element and path. Two of the characters in the anime game have no such distinction, but with this ever-growing list of characters, some may turn up in the upcoming Honkai Star Rail banners.

Here is the complete list of Honkai Star Rail characters:

  • Arlan
  • Asta
  • Bailu
  • Blade
  • Bronya
  • Clara
  • Dan Heng
  • Gepard
  • Herta
  • Himeko
  • Hook
  • Jing Yuan
  • Kakfa
  • March 7th
  • Natasha
  • Pela
  • Qingque
  • Sampo
  • Seele
  • Serval
  • Silver Wolf
  • Sushang
  • Tingyun
  • Welt
  • Yanqing

Arlan is one of the playable Honkai Star Rail characters. Here we see him petting his dog with his bandaged hand and arm, while hiding behind his singed cape.


Element: Lightning
Path: Destruction

As head of the Security Department aboard the Herta Space Station, Arlan is surprisingly inarticulate when it comes to understanding the research aboard the ship. That said, he’s willing to risk his life to protect those aboard his ship who value the result. He also has a pet named Peppy, who is a source of comfort for the young leader.

Asta is one of the smarter Honkai Star Rail characters, as she regularly uses the giant telescope behind her to look at the stars.


Element: Fire
Path: Harmony

As chief researcher aboard the Herta Space Stations, Asta strikes a balance between the Intelligentsia guild and some of her more opinionated members of staff. She seems reluctant to take over the family business but proves that she can at least command a space station.

Bailu is actively tearing apart some coral while being surrounded by concerned looking fish. With her dragon-like tail, she's one of the more unique Honkai Star Rails characters.


Element: Lightning
Path: Abundance

A somewhat timid character, she’s known to many as the “healer lady”. Bailu is a young Vidyadhara and an expert in all things medicinal. However, her prescriptions are, on the surface at least, somewhat unorthodox. She can’t bear to see people in pain though, and as she works, she closes her eyes tightly to avoid glancing at them.

Blade is the most mysterious out of the Honkai Star Rails characters, as he leans against a wall, not showing his face.


Element: Wind
Path: Destruction

From the little intel we have on Blade, he is affiliated with the Stellaron Hunters and prefers to work alone. He’s so closed-off that nobody even knows his real name. Lucky players were able to see him as part of the 2nd beta test so his skills and types are known, but Blade’s backstory is shrouded in mystery.

As one of the more regal Honkai Star Rail characters, Bronya is daintily holding her cloak while also grasping the leather strap of her rifle.


Element: Wind
Path: Harmony

A young and capable commander of the Silvermane Guards, she is the heir to the throne as Supreme Guardian of Belobog. However, while she did receive an education from an early age, nothing could prepare her for the abysmal conditions in the Underworld. As such, while she looks, dresses, and acts the part of an heir apparent, she is doubtful that she can lead the people effectively.

As one of the younger Honkai Star Rail characters, Clara is protected by her guardian robot.


Element: Physical
Path: Destruction

Raised by a robot, this young orphan girl, believed until recently that her robot guardian Svarog’s logical calculations were infallible and law. However, her perceptiveness and tenacity made her realise that these ‘calculations’ don’t always bring joy to everyone around her, and so she decided to cast away her shy side.

Dan Heng is one of the Honkai Star Rail characters, and he is sitting on a tree.

Dan Heng

Element: Wind
Path: Hunt

Acting as the Astral Express’s guard, Dan Heng never talks about his past as he joined the crew to escape from it. Instead, he is cold and reserved, wielding a spear he calls the Cloud-Piercer.

Gepard is a Honkai Star Rails character that is posing with the biggest sword imagineable.


Element: Ice
Path: Preservation

Bearing the Landau family name, Gepard is the captain of the Silvermane Guards. He’s an honourable presence, and it’s thanks to the efforts of his guardsmen that, despite being in a frozen tundra, Belobog can largely continue its existence in relative peace.

Herta is one of the stranger Honkai Star Rail characters, as she surrounds herself with puppet versions of herself.


Element: Ice
Path: Erudition

With the highest IQ in The Blue, Herta easily gets bored with projects, abandoning them when she loses interest. She is technically the true leader of the Herta Space Station, but she has no desire to run it, leaving it in capable hands. She also appears in the form of a puppet she claims is 70% similar to how she looked as a child.

Himeko, one of the Honkai Star Rail characters, is summoning the power of the Astral Train.


Element: Fire
Path: Erudition

After boarding the Astral Express when it became stranded in her home world, she spent years repairing the train before taking it to the stars. She’s an adventurous scientist eager to meet many more companions on her journey through the cosmos.

Hook is one of the younger Honkai Star Rail characters, but she is commanding her subordinates and the flames around her.


Element: Fire
Path: Destruction

The chaotic leader of a group in the Underworld known as The Moles, Hook calls herself ‘Pitch-Dark Hook the Great’. She believes she can handle herself without adult help and hates being called a “kid”.

Jing Yuan is one of the laid-back Honkai Star Rail characters, but he is still a badass as he's leaning on an albino male lion.

Jing Yuan

Element: Wind
Path: Erudition

The Cloud Knight general who commands the Xianzhou Luofu is a surprisingly meticulous individual, given his rather aloof nature. He doesn’t consider solving the day’s problems a show of wisdom. Instead, he plans ahead so that problems never arise in the first place. He’s often called the ‘Dozing General’.

As one of the more mysterious Honkai Star Rail characters, it's fitting that the fugitive Kakfa is hiding in plain sight, surrounded by people with open umbrellas.


Element: Unknown
Path: Unknown

Kafka is a fugitive on the Interastral Peace Corporation’s wanted list. This Stellaron Hunter attempts to enact Destiny’s Slave Eilo’s schemes.

March 7th is one of the Honkai Star Rail characters. She is posing with her bow.

March 7th

Element: Ice
Path: Preservation

Constantly taking pictures, March 7th became known by the date she awoke from a drifting eternal ice flow with no knowledge of her past or who she was. She’s now a spirited young girl who, in an effort to move on, decided to try and live her own life by naming herself after the date she woke up.

Natasha is one of the few healers out of the entire Honkai Star Rails characters list. She is holding a vial with green liquid in and is surrounded by plants.


Element: Physical
Path: Abundance

Natasha is a fastidious and ultimately reliable doctor that people of the Underworld can turn to, despite medical supplies being few and far between. She has a curious smile that even puts the kids at ease.

Despite being one of the younger Honkai Star Rails characters, Pela is a genius able to command artillery with the help of her book.


Element: Ice
Path: Nihility

The Intelligence Officer of the Silvermane Guards is a logistics expert, always knowing where to distribute supplies or manoeuvre the troops at her disposal. It’s hard to imagine someone so young could be as meticulous as Pela is. That said, her phone case is a constant distraction.

Qingque is one of the more laid-back Honkai Star Rail characters, throwing mahjong pieces and unfurtling scrolls with artwork of fish people.


Element: Quantum
Path: Erudition

Qingque is a Diviner of the Divination Commission, who slacks off regularly. She was dismayed to learn that completing the Divination Commissions entrance exam to appease her parents’ wishes only led to an intensive worker’s nightmare. Even with several years of experience she remains at the lowest level of Diviners, seeking to increase her spare time.

Sampo is one of the more attractive Honkai Star Rail characters, and he knows it as he's posing against the moon in an action pose with his chain whip.


Element: Wind
Path: Nihility

Where there’s profit, you can be sure that Sampo will try to take full advantage of the deal. He’s a silver-tongued salesman whose unique knowledge and charm make it difficult not to approach him for help. However, in the business he deals in, his customers can soon become commodities – for the right price, of course.

Seele is one of the many Honkai Star Rail characters. She is posing with her scythe in a battle stance.


Element: Quantum
Path: Hunt

As a member of Wildfire who grew up in the Underworld of Belobog, Seele is used to surviving on her own. Spirited and valiant, her life views were recently challenged by the appearance of a girl in her homeland.

Serval is a bit of a rebel when it comes to Honkai Star Rail characters, as she's sitting on stage next to her electrified guitar contraption.


Element: Lightning
Path: Erudtion

Unlike her other Landau family members, Serval is rebellious and free, choosing to become a mechanic by trade. She opened a workshop called “Neverwinter”, which occasionally halts work on projects in favour of Serval’s rock performances. She claims that her being a mechanic is “just a hobby” and that she’s “not short of money”.

Silver Wolf, one of the Honkai Star Rail characters, is using a device to program in Chibi versions of herself in various poses.

Silver Wolf

Element: Unknown
Path: Unknown

An expert hacker who can crack any thorny defence system with ease, Silver Wolf believes that the key to winning her feud with her long-time rivals the ‘Screwllum of the Genius Society’ lies beneath the events.

Sushang is one of the kinder Honkai Star Rail characters, painting on wooden tags while sitting on a tree. A sparrow flies close to her.


Element: Physical
Path: Hunt

A relative newcomer to the Cloud Knights, she values the historic legends of those who came before her and wishes to become legendary in her own right. She spends her day naively doing good deeds for others in the city, sometimes leaving her with no time for herself.

Tingyun is a Honkai Star Rails character who appreciates the finer things in life. As such, she is surrounded by treasures, pearls and other valuable trinkets.


Element: Lightning
Path: Harmony

Tingyun is the Head Representative of the Whistling Flames – a merchant guild approved by the Sky-Faring Commission. That said, she’s a silver-tongued Foxian with a way of words that leaves audiences eagerly awaiting more captivating tales of daredevilry. She’s responsible for the popularity of the Xianzhou trade fairs, known throughout the galaxy.

Welt is throwing some shard of glass. Another one of the Honkai Star Rail characters walks past him in the background.


Element: Imaginary
Path: Nihility

The former Anti-Entropy Sovereign has saved the Earth from total destruction multiple times with his wisdom and experience. After an incident at St. Fountain, Welt felt he had no choice but to travel to the other side of a portal. He did not count on the new companions or the journey ahead of him before going through the portal.

Yanqing is a young, but capable Honkai Star Rails character who excels in sword fighting. He has summoned some ice swords to float nearby.


Element: Ice
Path: Hunt

A proficient young swordsman, Yanqing is a lieutenant of the Xianzhou Luofu who is perhaps overly obsessed with swords. Whenever his treasured blade rests in his hand, time is the only thing capable of dulling its sharp edge.

Honkai Star Rail upcoming characters

The only other playable characters we are aware of that will be in the release version of Honkai Star Rail are the two Trailblazers, one for Physical and Fire elements, respectively. Other than them, a few other characters have shown up in trailers, but we’ve not seen much beyond that. They are:

  • Fu Xuan
  • Luocha
  • Svarog

These are all of the known Honkai Star Rail characters so far. More will be added over time, so do check back regularly. You can find out more about the voice actors who bring these characters to life in our Honkai Star Rail cast list, while those wishing to play the space game after the Honkai Star Rail release date should invest in finding out how to get hold of the latest Honkai Star Rail codes so that they get more Warps to summon them with.