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Best Honkai Star Rail Kafka build

This cool, calm, and collected Stellaron Hunter dominates the field with her destructive abilities, here’s the best Honkai Star Rail Kafka build.

Honkai Star Rail Kafka - the purple-haired Stellaron Hunter opens her eyes wide as she whispers "boom" while unleashing her ultimate attack.

What is the best Honkai Star Rail Kafka build? Kafka, the dangerous and elusive Stellaron Hunter, was a swift fan favorite after her initial TGS debut in 2022. Kafka excels in producing enormous amounts of DoT shock effects and can even follow up the rest of your team’s attacks, making her an exciting prospect for players who love to play with their elements.

Kafka’s five-star status will make her highly sought after as her first banner drops this August when she finally joins the full roster of Honkai Star Rail characters. Best start saving your Stellar Jade and checking our monthly Honkai Star Rail codes list if you’re keen on adding her to your team. If you’re still not sold, check out our Honkai Star Rail tier list and see where she lands.

What is the best Kafka build?

The best build for Kafka is: 

Light Cone Relics Planar Ornaments Eidolons
Patience Is All You Need/In the Name of the World Band of Sizzling Thunder Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise Da Capo

Kafka’s shock-infused, multi-targeting kit cements her as a quality DPS option, who shines brightest when combined with other multi-target DoT abusers, like Sampo.

Her AoE ultimate Twilight Trill immediately applies shock to all enemies, after which following up with her skill, Caressing Moonlight, triggers all DoT effects the targeted enemy is affected by, producing devastating results. Investing into her five-star Light Cone and level four Eidolon further amplifies this tactic.

Kafka Light Cones

The best Light Cones for Kafka are:

  • Patience Is All You Need (five-star)
  • In the Name of the World (five-star)
  • Fermata (four-star)
  • Hidden Shadow (three-star)

We predict that Kafka’s signature Light Cone, Patience Is All You Need will be her best option as it provides an increase to her damage, speed, and a 100% base chance to inflict the erode status, triggering a shock DoT on the next turn.

Aside from the obvious and visible synergy with her signature Light Cone, Welt’s In the Name of the World would be a sound alternative for increasing Kafka’s effect hit rate and damage to already debuffed foes.

Kafka Relic Set

Kafka’s best Relic Set is:

  • Band of Sizzling Thunder (full set) – Increases Kafka’s lightning damage by 10%. When Kafka uses her skill, increase her attack by 20% for one turn.

Kafka’s damage is fuelled by her elemental output, so it’s only natural to equip her with the Sizzling Thunder set. Given the secondary attack increase upon the usage of her skill, she benefits from some beefed-up skill into immediate ultimate turns.

Kafka Planar Ornaments

The best Planar Ornament set for Kafka is:

  • Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise – Increases Kafka’s effect hit rate by 10%. Meanwhile, Kafka’s attack increases by an amount equal to 25% of the current effect hit rate.

This one is an easy choice for most Nihility characters on the roster, especially ones focused on DoTs being applied as often as possible. Plus, the extra attack isn’t anything to turn our noses up at.

Kafka Eidolons

Kafka’s best Eidolon is:

  • Level 4: Da Capo – When using Ultimate, enemies go from immediately receiving the current Shock DMG, to immediately receiving DMG from all current DoT effects.

If the gacha gods have smiled on you and you’ve managed to pull Kafka four times, the ensuing Da Capo unlock transforms her into a monster. She’s now able to trigger all DoT effects on both her ultimate and her skill on the same turn, doubling the DoT trigger damage from a single use from Caressing Moonlight. Kafka’s level two Eidolon is also very worth the trouble, as it triggers the follow-up attack from her talent twice in a single turn.

Kafka Ascension Materials

Kafka’s Ascension Materials are:

  • Shape Shifter’s Lightning Staff
  • Conqueror’s Will
  • Usurper’s Scheme
  • Thief’s Instinct

It’s very important to note that the Thief’s Instinct line of items and the Shape Shifter’s Lightning Staffs are only heavily predicted to be Kafka’s main ascension materials. That said, sources have agreed this is the case, so it can’t hurt to have them ready.

Best Kafka team comp

The best team comp for Kafka is:

Party Member Role Light Cones Relics and Ornaments
Kafka DPS Patience Is All You Need Band of Sizzling Thunder, Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise
Sampo DPS In the Name of the World Eagle of Twilight Line, Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise
Tingyun Support But the Battle Isn’t Over Musketeer of Wild Wheat, Fleet of the Ageless
Luocha/Bailu Healer Echoes of the Coffin/Time Waits for No One Passerby of Wandering Cloud, Fleet of the Ageless

Kafka and Sampo are going to be the best of friends, sowing DoT chaos as you use our Sampo build to apply multiple stacks of wind shear, while Kafka follows up with her own ultimate and skill to trigger as many effects as possible. Keep Tingyun on the team to amplify Kafka’s ultimates, and a solid damaging healer like Luocha or some added lightning alignment with Bailu to keep the squishy Nihility units safe.

That’s everything you need to know about our best Kafka build. Make sure to farm as much free Stellar Jade as you can before she drops, unless you’ve already spent them all on Blade, that is. We also have a list of the best anime games if you want to try your hand at a gacha-less title.