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Best Honkai Star Rail Sampo build

Love him or hate him, the best Honkai Star Rail Sampo build can turn this wind-shearing scoundrel into a DoT-inflicting menace replete with debuffs.

What is the best Sampo build? Honkai Star Rail’s very own ‘merc with a mouth’ is none other than Sampo, an at-times lovable and shady walker of the Path of Nihility with qualities including a dollop of financial trickery and a Disney-tier rogueish nature. When he’s not running his mouth, this Wind user will find himself amply applying plenty of AoE damage over time effects to your enemies, making him quite the antithesis to Dan Heng’s silent type and single-target focus.

Sampo slots best into quite a number of Honkai Star Rail team comps, excelling with multiple elements at play among each of the characters. While he may only hold one of the humbler positions on our Honkai Star Rail tier list, a little bit of time spent pulling for the mouthy mercenary will be worth it, and made easier with a few hours of Stellar Jade farming and the latest Honkai Star Rail codes under your belt.

What is the best Sampo build?

The best Honkai Star Rail Sampo build is:

  • Light Cone – In the Name of the World
  • Relics – Eagle of Twilight Line or Musketeer of Wild Wheat
  • Planar Ornaments – Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise
  • Eidolons – Increased Spending or The Deeper the Love, the Stronger the Hate
  • Team comp – Sampo, Serval, Hook, Bailu

Sampo is the quintessential off-DPS character, facilitating a frankly enormous amount of debuffing across the enemy team with his bouncing, Wind Shear-inducing Skill, along with an Ultimate that intensifies all DoT damage. While not a heavy solo hitter, he’ll synergize well among other harm-debuff-inflicting characters using Fire and Lightning, making him quite the team player in DoT-focused squads.

One of the best Light Cones for the best Sampo build is Eyes of the Prey

Sampo Light Cones

The best Light Cones for Sampo are:

  • In the Name of the World (five-star)
  • Eyes of the Prey (four-star)
  • Void (three-star)

With a heavy focus on triggering the Wind Shear debuff, it’s only natural that we go for Welt’s signature, five-star Light Cone: In the Name of the World. Sampo is keen to increase damage and will naturally do so against debuffed enemies with this cone, but the added increase to effect hit rate makes it unbeatable if you own it.

Second, but thankfully not lagging too far behind is Sampo’s canonical cone, Eyes of the Prey, which also boosts effect hit rate, along with a general DoT damage buff. If you’re free-to-play, Void’s an easy choice too for that same hit rate boost.

Sampo Relics

The best Relics for Sampo are:

Relic Effect
Eagle of Twilight Line (two-piece) Increases Sampo’s wind damage by 10%
Musketeer of Wild Wheat (two-piece) Increases Sampo’s attack by 12%

Sampo suits a mix of two separate Honkai Star Rails relic sets here, simply due to the fact that his ideal build path won’t focus on the crit or speed increase from a full set of either Eagle of Twilight Line or Musketeer of Wild Wheat. A simple wind and attack increase are best applied here, mostly in aid of amplifying Wind Shear wherever possible. For relic stats, we’d recommend prioritizing effect hit rate and either speed or attack.

Sampo Planar Ornaments

The best Planar Ornaments for Sampo are:

Planar Ornament Effect
Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise (two-piece) Increases Sampo’s effect hit rate by 10%. Sampo’s attack also increases by an amount equal to 25% of his effect hit rate

It’s an easy choice for a debuff slinger like Sampo, we want as many Wind Shear procs as possible, and Sampo’s going to keep high stacks running as often as possible as long as his Effect Hit Rate skill is at its max. The little bit of ATK is just as sweet, but the real star is still the Wind Shear stability and its consistent damage over time effect.

The best Sampo build relies on the Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise Planar Ornaments set

Sampo Eidolons

The best Eidolons for Sampo are:

Eidolon Effect
Level 6: Increased Spending Sampo’s talent Wind Shear damage multiplier increases by 10%
Level 4: The Deeper the Love, the Stronger the Hate When Sampo’s skill hits an enemy with five or more stacks of Wind Shear, the current Wind Shear immediately deals 10% of its current damage

It’s a hard price to pay, but if you can somehow reach Sampo’s maximum potential with some lucky pulls, then the return on investment will be worth it with Increased Spending, allowing the wind DoT applied by his passive an increase in damage by a hefty 10%. Worth noting also is Sampo’s Level 4 Eidolon, as it capitalizes on his Wind Shear upkeep, further emphasizing our previous choices in Planar Ornaments. Eidolons are few and far between, so be sure to check the Starlight Exchange shop rotation for any duplicates you can purchase with Undying Starlight.

Sampo Ascension Materials

Sampo’s Ascension Materials are:

  • Storm Eye
  • Guardian’s Lament
  • Obsidian of Obsession / Obsidian of Desolation / Obsidian of Dread
  • Ancient Engine / Ancient Spindle / Ancient Part

The materials to be mostly focused on here are the Obsidian series, so it’s best to get ready to grind those Calyxes where possible, as Sampo’s traces and general ascension needs will all need some form of these items. Much less so in the early game for Storm Eyes and Guardian’s Lament also, with the Ancient items appearing pretty frequently in quests, earned via assignments and easily synthesized too.

The best Sampo build relies on his ultimate to take out shielded enemies

Best Sampo team comp

The best Sampo team comp is:

Party Member Role Light Cone Relics
Sampo Sub-DPS In the Name of the World Eagle of Twilight Line, Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise
Serval DPS Night on the Milky Way Band of Sizzling Thunder, Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise
Hook Sub-DPS On the Fall of an Aeon Firesmith of Lava-Forging, Celestial Differentiator
Bailu Healer Time Waits for No One Passerby of Wandering Cloud, Sprightly Vonwacq

Currently, the best Honkai Star Rail Sampo team comp looks a bit like the above, with Sampo sharing DPS with Serval and Hook in an elemental storm of Burn, Shock, and Wind Shear DoT effects. Bailu helps with some added sustainability, but Natasha steps in here just as well to keep the team slinging their debuffs.

Now, with the eventual arrival of Kafka in an upcoming banner following the Honkai Star Rail 2.1 release date, her own lightning DoTs will more than likely outshine Serval’s, making her the ideal main DPS in a squad like this – but for the time being, the Belobog trio can more than handle their fair share together.

And there you have it! Our best Sampo build will have you shear the enemy’s hide with a multitude of DoTs, just make sure to focus that effect hit rate stat and keep the squishy Sampo alive. Our Honkai Star Rail review details our own excursions into the anime game, so be sure to check it out while you’re pulling on Warps to expand your roster.