Honkai Star Rail 1.5 update release date, new characters, and events

The Honkai Star Rail 1.5 release date debuts a spooky ghost-hunting event alongside new relics and banners for Huohuo, Hanya, and Argenti.

When is the Honkai Star Rail 1.5 release date? The 1.5 update includes vengeful spirits, cosmic beauty, and karmic judges, as we gear up for all-new characters, events, and story developments in HoYoverse’s interstellar gacha game.

The Honkai Star Rail 1.5 release date brings a spooky update to the free PC game, featuring a Trailblaze Continuance event aboard the Xianzhou Luofu starring Guinaifen, Sushang, and incoming character Huohuo. The 1.5 update also includes new banners complete with headline characters that are sure to give our Honkai Star Rail tier list a good shake-up. Here’s everything coming to Honkai Star Rail in the next update.

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Honkai Star Rail 1.5 release date

The Honkai Star Rail 1.5 release date is Wednesday, 15 November, 2023, immediately following the conclusion of the 1.4 update.

Honkai Star Rail’s update schedule runs on a six-week rotation, so we anticipate that the 1.5 update will continue from its release date until Wednesday, 27 December, 2023.

As with all other updates, we can expect the Honkai Star Rail servers to go down for scheduled maintenance, which takes approximately five hours to complete before the servers come back online and the 1.5 update becomes available. However, this downtime is usually accompanied by a compensation of free Honkai Star Rail Stellar Jade.

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Honkai Star Rail 1.5 livestream

The Honkai Star Rail 1.5 ‘The Crepuscule Zone’ special program aired on Friday, November 3, 2023. The livestream included the usual collection of limited-time Honkai Star Rail 1.5 codes for viewers to redeem, as well as the latest story developments in the anime game.

Honkai Star Rail 1.5 banners

The Honkai Star Rail banners are split into two separate phases featuring headline five-star characters. The first phase of the update features Huohuo, while the second phase features Argenti and Silver Wolf.

Alongside the five-star headliners, each Honkai Star Rail banner includes boosted pull rates for a selection of four-star characters.

The Honkai Star Rail 1.5 banners are:

  • Bloom in Gloom – Huohuo, Dan Heng, Arlan, Serval
  • Thorns of Scented Crown – Argenti, Hanya, Lynx, Asta
  • Contract Zero – Silver Wolf, Hanya, Lynx, Asta

To prepare for the boosted pull rates of Honkai Star Rail characters that you might have missed in the standard banner, check out our dedicated best builds for Dan Heng, Arlan, and Serval, as well as where these units fit in our assessment of the best Honkai Star Rail team comps.

Honkai Star Rail 1.5 characters

The Honkai Star Rail 1.5 update is set to debut three highly anticipated characters:

  • Huohuo
  • Hanya
  • Argenti


Huohuo (Abundance, Wind) is a five-star character that’s a magnet for evil. Her tail was possessed by a heliobus when she was a child, transforming her into a conduit for ghosts and monsters. While this young Foxian girl is easily spooked, she can harness the power of the heliobus within her to devastating effect, making her the perfect candidate as a Ten-Lords Commision judge-in-training.


Hanya (Harmony, Physical) is a four-star character and a full-fledged Ten-Lords Commission judge. She can read the karmic sins of the mara-struck and pronounce their punishment using her Oracle Brush. Hanya’s official debut isn’t technically her first appearance in the RPG game; in fact, many players are sure to recognize her from Honkai Star Rail light cone art. However, the particulars of her character have now been revealed in the 1.5 update.


Argenti (Erudition, Physical) is a five-star character and benevolent Knight of Beauty dedicated to the fallen Eon Adrila. This cosmic beauty is a champion of elegance above all else, travelling the universe to uphold the ideals of The Beauty.

Honkai Star Rail 1.5 story

A Foxian Tale of the Haunted is the headline event for the Honkai Star Rail 1.5 update, and it’s a spooky one. It introduces the Fyxestroll Garden, an abandoned area of the Luofu that’s been taken over by heliobi following the destruction of the Creation Furnace. With these evil spirits wreaking havoc, Guinaifen and Sushang have joined forces to create a ghost-hunting squad alongside Ten-Lords Commission judge-in-training Huohuo.

This Trailblaze Continuance event consists of five main chapters and limited-time missions. You can manage Guinaifen’s socials during the event, posting updates and managing her influence to unlock Suppression Towers and progress in the event. The major reward for your efforts is the event Light Cone ‘Hey Over Here’ – Guinaifen’s signature Light Cone.

Alongside the main Trailblaze mission, the Honkai Star Rail 1.5 update includes a new companion mission. Night of Universal Hallucinations features the initial encounter between Argenti and the Astral Express crew en route to Washtopia.

Honkai Star Rail 1.5 events

While the bulk of the 1.5 update consists of the Trailblaze Continuance event, there are a number of minor limited-time Honkai Star Rail events to complete along the way.

The Honkai Star Rail 1.5 events are:

  • Boulder Town Martial Exhibition
  • Stellar Shadowseeker
  • Simulated Universe World 8
  • Gift of Odyssey
  • Planar Fissure and Garden of Plenty

Boulder Town Martial Exhibition

The Boulder Town Super League returns for another series of knock-out fights against fearsome challengers. This latest iteration of the minigame introduces roguelike game elements that allow you to select a variety of knacks from your chosen martial school.

Stellar Shadowseeker

March 7th has a dilemma. Her latest photographs have become inexplicably corrupted by a strange shadow, and she’s counting on the Trailblazer to find a way to restore them for her.

Simulated Universe World 8

The latest iteration of the Simulated Universe is going live as part of the 1.5 update, offering a chance to scoop up brand-new Honkai Star Rail relics – Penacony, Land of the Dreams and Firmament Frontline: Glamoth.

Gift of Odyssey

The Gift of Odyssey is a daily check-in that awards up to ten additional Honkai Star Rail Warps – perfect for players whose playtime might have lapsed since the last update and who want to dive back into the anime game. Of course, it’s also a great little freebie for die-hard players as well.

Planar Fissure and Garden of Plenty

The Planar Fissure and Garden of Plenty recurring events also appear in the Honkai Star Rail 1.5 update. These events allow you to obtain double rewards for completing Simulated Universe and Calyxes up to six times per day for the duration that the events are live.

Now that you’re ready to hunt ghosts and duel space knights, prepare for the next update by redeeming the latest Honkai Star Rail codes. Alternatively, kick back with our Honkai Star Rail review to get our thoughts on HoYoverse’s sci-fi adventure, or check out the best PC games to tide you over until the next update rolls around.